Below is a survey being conducted by the Russian Arbitration Association. The post has been drafted by Mikhail Samoylov on behalf of Russian Arbitration Association. Mikhail is  currently pursuing the Geneva LL.M in International Dispute Settelment (MIDS, Geneva).

Since 2014, when economic sanctions have been imposed on Russia, a number of questions have arisen in respect of the alleged impact of sanctions on commercial arbitration. Moreover, it has been assumed that sanctions might have changed the attitude of the Russian lawyers in respect of some arbitral institutions. 

On February 29, 2016 the Russian Arbitration Association launched a survey on the impact of the economic sanctions on commercial arbitration. It is an attempt to take a look at the issue from the point of view of main users of commercial arbitration, namely lawyers and arbitrators in order to have a panorama view on the issue. 

The survey has two independent sets of questions. The first set is focused on either the Russian lawyers or the foreign lawyers who have experience with Russian parties (questions are both in Russian and in English). The second one is focused on arbitrators (questions are in English only). 

Participation in the survey is not precluded when an arbitrator has not experience with Russian parties yet (questions have a hypothetical nature) as well as when a lawyer has not had any cases in commercial arbitration (there are special questions for such respondents). 

The Russian Arbitration Association welcomes you to participate in the survey. 

Ashutosh Ray is a lawyer based in New Delhi, currently assisting a former Chief Justice of India in high value international and domestic arbitrations, and opinions. He was part of the expert committee constituted by the Law Commission of India in drafting its report on amendments to the Indian arbitration law. He has published in reputed international journals, newspapers and blogs on arbitration issues. He also runs a popular arbitration blog