Acquiring an immigration immigration green card through wedding is a complex procedure that often takes many years to complete and requires many forms to be filed. Learning some of the standard procedures and some of the trade-offs can help to find out which is the most suitable path to take to get this target.

In case you come to USA with a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 visa then it normally requires several years waiting or you should utilize a legal representative but it will cause you use much more cash. If an attorney is to be used, it is suggested to do so before moving with these kinds of visas.

The fastest method to be a permanent USA citizen is to get married and complete the civil forms there. People who expects to be the permanent resident have to complete all the papers and remain in the country until they receive the status.

Requirements to Acquire Green Card

Numerous process should be taken to attain immigration green card with a marriage. These consist of the immigration visa petition, data of US citizenship from one spouse, a marriage certificate, and proof of termination of any earlier marriages. Each of files must be certifiable and prepared in English. If all had been submitted, for the work permit and trip parole should be submitted as well before the foreign born couple will be approved as a permanent resident in the United States. For the procedure prices, you should prepare money more than one-thousand bucks. There should be an affidavit of support filed on behalf of the foreign-born husband or wife.

As soon as all of the information have been provided, the person should go for fingerprint process. The couple should wait a couple of weeks to get an interview. Telling the reality is crucial in this interview. Relax and reply all the questions based on everything you know regarding your loved one. It is better to truthfully say if one doesn’t know the answer. Dress nicely when attending the interview and communicate politely to the interviewer.

The Evaluation Procedure

The interviewer sees differences in race, religion, or age as the aspects for the couples telling the fact or not. If there is a big dissimilarities, be prepared to give an explanation about it at the interview. The interviewer will be feel bothered if the man is younger compared to the wife. This issue will irritate the interviewees, on the other hand the interviewer has right to ask something more specific.

There will be 2nd interview privately in case the interviewer feels something abnormal with the spouses. If the answers still not linked, the applicant will be punished with criminal penalties and will be forced to admit their deceptive actions.

Use a reputable legal representative and never tell untruth statements in going through the activity are the most effective methods to reach your objective to receive the green card.


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