A month after having a proposed settlement agreement fall apart, the University of Houston and South Texas College of Law – Houston have settled their dispute over South Texas’ attempt over the summer to rename itself the Houston College of Law.  Litigation over the name change had been in the University of Houston’s favor, and acrimony between the two schools was very high (see earlier Indisputably coverage herehere, and here) as serious branding issues were at stake.

According to a joint press release issued by the two schools on Friday:

The University of Houston and South Texas College of  Law Houston today announced that they have settled their trademark dispute over the rebranding in June 2016 of South Texas College of Law to Houston College of Law.

Board members for both schools are pleased to have reached a resolution and are proud of the impact their respective law schools have on the city of Houston, the state of Texas, and the national and international legal communities.  This satisfactory settlement enables both law schools to co-exist in Houston in a separate and distinct manner and to continue their educational missions.

Cribbing from the Houston Chronicle:

In the meantime, South Texas College of Law Houston officials are at peace with their school’s new name after going by three different monikers in a six-month stretch. The law school dean conceded in an otherwise upbeat email to law school alumni it has been “an unusual, sometimes frustrating, process for our community.”


UH officials indicated they, too, are satisfied with the agreement.

“We’re pleased it’s behind us,” said UH spokesperson Mike Rosen. “We’re pleased our brand is protected and we look forward to moving on with the business we do best, which is educating our students.”

South Texas Dean Donald J. Guter said he likes the newest name of his school even more than the one that triggered the lawsuit.

“It allows us to have the legacy of South Texas College of Law which many of our alums are very happy with and still have the ‘Houston’ in there,” he said

I really like the school’s symbol in the billboard pictured above.  Count me in the same camp as the South Texas dean.

Art Hinshaw is a Clinical Professor of Law and the Director of the Lodestar Dispute Resolution Program at ASU Sandra Day O'Conner College of Law. His research and teaching interests focus primarily on mediation and negotiation, often bridging ADR theory and practice. He is an avid writer and contributor to ADR Prof Blog.