It is my pleasure to introduce Danny Fridberg, a visiting scholar in the University of Oregon Judaic Studies department. Danny is completing a PhD at the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, the University of Otago, New Zealand. His research focuses on psycho-social transformative processes in situations of violent conflicts. We are lucky to have him here at Oregon this fall. Check out Danny’s faculty page here.

Danny has extensive experience in peace and conflict studies, outside of his academic work. He is an experienced mediator with more than 15 years of experience. He works as a peace educator, dialogue group facilitator, and researcher specializing in working on and within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Danny also served as a staff member at the Evens program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution in Tel-Aviv University, where he also taught Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) theories and applications. He holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Conflict Research, Management and Resolution, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

On Tuesday, November 15, Danny will be giving a talk called “Israel X: Transformative Processes of IDF Combatants into Conscientious Objectors.” I’ll be attending the talk and taking notes for the blog.

Jennifer Reynolds is an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon Law and the Faculty Director of the ADR Center. Teaching civil procedure, conflicts of law, negotiation, and mediation, her research interests include dispute systems design, problem-solving in multiparty scenarios, judicial attitudes toward ADR, and cultural influences and implications of alternative processes. She is also a contributor to ADR Prof Blog.