“You need insurance.”

I say this to all my clients, which is surprising because you may not know that the legal profession and insurance profession are often at odds with each other.  Each profession believes that they are the only solution for a business. As a licensed insurance advisor and attorney I look at both and can tell you that both legal documents and insurance coverage are needed.

If you are a service business with an office (can be a home office, too), then you need a legal contract that explains to your client your services, your fees, how you get paid and providing protection in case something goes wrong. However, an agreement can only go so far.

What if something goes wrong?

What if your client trips or slips in the snow or ice at your location.  What legal document is going to protect you? 


A property insurance product will provide you with peace of mind protection.  You can also get insurance that provides protection for mistakes you may make while conducting your profession.

Remember to review what you currently have, and give True North Business Consulting to make sure that your business is protected legally and you have the right insurance products.


Cynthia Pasciuto is an attorney, consultant, mediator and educator in Massachusetts who has taught at Bentley University, NIWH and NESA.