Receives Prestigious American Bar Association (ABA) Award

Please join us in congratulating for their recent ABA Award. As readers of this blog may know, Disputing is a Featured Blog. Receives Prestigious American Bar Association (ABA) Award

Eugene, Oregon –, the leading mediation web site in the world, has received the 2010 American Bar Association (ABA) Lawyer as Problem Solver Award. The award is for the use of “legal skills in creative, innovative and often non­traditional ways.” The award presentation will be on April 9, 2010 in San Francisco.

In awarding the Problem Solver Award to, the American Bar Association provides the following statement:

“ has been at the forefront of making the power of the Internet accessible to lawyers, mediators and dispute resolution practitioners. has been developing digital products and resources that have advanced the presence and depth of the field of dispute resolution in immeasurable ways and fundamentally altered the practice of mediation by making online strategies practical and available.

“ offers the field one of the most used information resources, replete with blogs, cutting edge articles, news of mediation and negotiation practice, as well as a place for interactive dialogue. The website is a practical tool for practitioners and helps them become more effective problem solvers.

“ applies the technology of the internet directly to lawyers and dispute resolution practitioners. The founders of had the foresight to see the importance and applications of the Internet and bring them to bear on a developing field of practice. This groundbreaking website has given tools and resources to the public and to ADR professionals to do their own problem solving in virtually every field of law.”

James Melamed, CEO of, responded to news of the award saying that, “If ever there was a team effort, this is it. is the result of more 1,000 authors contributing their best work since 1996. As a result, we are able to bring the best of mediation to the broader world.” has been the #1 mediation destination site for 15 years and continues to provide world class content to consumers and professionals.


In commenting on the award, Peter Adler, President of The Keystone Center in Colorado, said, “ provides an enormous service to the vast community of people who share a passion for conflict resolution, who want to make the world a better place and who are doing this every single day.” Jeffrey Krivis, a leading California attorney and civil mediator, adds, “Based upon 15 years of passionate work, has become to mediators what Google has become to the Internet.” was founded in 1996 and has developed the most comprehensive mediator directory in the world with over 5,000 listed mediators. Through its 15 years of development, has elevated and expanded the mediation industry and helped to bring mediation to every computer on earth. More information about services can be found here.

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