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10 Best Mediation Books of All Time

Mediation is a topic with profound implications. Therefore, it is imperative to understand how it works and how it can benefit a person’s life. Two loved ones quarreling can be complicated, but even something as simple as two coworkers arguing can be challenging to deal with every day. Hence, learning how to use mediation in a person’s life can profoundly affect their everyday life. As a result, one can search for the top ten best mediation books of all time, organized here in October 2020, for your reference.

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Anger Masks Emotions in Mediation

Famed psychologist Paul Ekman calls anger one of the six basic emotions. He notes that its expression is universal across cultures. Even as infants, we instinctively recognize and react to its presence in those around us. According to Ekman, anger originates when an important goal is frustrated, or someone tries to hurt us or someone we feel responsible for, physically or psychologically. Under this definition, anger is a response to threatening external stimuli, which is often accompanied by a desire to hurt the source of the anger producing events.

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An Introduction to The Five Stages of Mediation

Mediation is
negotiation with the assistance of a neutral third party. It is a
process, and like other processes has stages. Those stages are different
depending on which role you play. But either way, each stage requires your
active participation if you are to succeed. In this article we detail the 5 stages of mediation for mediators and disputants.

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Orchestrating Settlement: A Symphony of Sound and Color

This fall I attended one of the outdoor concerts by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Symphony at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a spectacular affair—beginning with the wonderful sounds of classical music and ending with a fantastic light show.  The concert featured a local university marching band as well as a guest appearance from a world renowned cellist.

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Confidentiality is the ‘Heart’ of Mediation

In almost every ADR session, the neutral informs the disputants that the session is confidential, and they can speak frankly.  While this is usually true, there are important limitations that ADR consumers may not be aware of.  Before you disclose the next sensitive trade secret or embarrassing personal fact, read this article.

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Empathy in Mediation

Empathy is an essential tool in mediation, both for the mediator and hopefully a quality the participants develop as well. Mediators recognize, unless we want to act purely as evaluators (and even then the capacity for empathy is still important), that we need to try to empathize with the needs and feelings of both sides in every case, to build trust and encourage understanding.

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Difficult People: Effecting Change in How We Handle This Fact of Life

The American Bar Association this year included a brief article in its October Journal under Law Office Management highlighting a Stanford University study and article by Professor Robert Sutton concerning the effect of “jerks” in the workplace. One of the conclusions made from various studies outlined in the article was that people identified as “pessimists and angry or nasty people” will reduce overall productivity of the entire department by 30% to 40%. “Negative workers” bring down enthusiasm and change the mood of a group.

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