Embracing Your Whole Self

Are you really who you think you are? At a subtle level, there are various energies that act in concert to create our state of Consciousness & Beingness. Many of us are unaware, or even worse,...

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Business As Usual-2: Boys Will Be Boys

This one we’re calling “Boys Will Be Boys — It’s Human Nature.” Many people assume that boys fight. I know my boys did and I didn’t constantly try to break up their fights. I thought that they were inevitable, and it was important to let them learn how to resolve their conflicts on their own.

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The Challenge of Complex, Intractable Conflicts

We believe that society’s chronic inability to constructively handle intractable conflict constitutes a threat to human welfare that is at least as serious as that posed by climate change, infectious disease, or any of today’s other big social, political, economic, and environmental challenges.

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Why Can’t We Fix Anything Anymore?

The answer that Guy and I have is that almost all of the problems that they identify that are in need of fixing our underlain by conflict problems and we haven’t learned how to deal successfully with intractable conflict. Let me illustrate.

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