New Window For Mediation Offices Without Windows


By Steven G. Mehta

I have for a long time been thinking about how to create a window in a windowless environment.  Perhaps I have seen too many science fiction movies where you can change the scene at will.  I even joked with my friend and told her that I could live by the beach with a HD videoscreen that will be mounted against my wall as a window that shows images of the ocean.

The reason for wanting to create such an environment is simple.  Everyone wants a window — including in mediation.  People enjoy the diversion of the window and often in long days the window gives people a soothing way out.

Well I just found a magnificent tool that allows you to create a window in ANY room.  Have a look.


The end result is awesome, but it does cost some major bucks, time, and effort, as well as some electronic know how.  But the time is coming soon where it will be totally mainstream and I will have my window in my windowless conference rooms.  Meanwhile, I must say, that I must go and I bid you to live long and prosper.


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Steven Mehta
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