Our First Event

Finally it’s today and the first Hunt ADR training event is on! We’ve been stopped by the ‘Beast from the East’ and we were stopped by trainer illness, but, at last, we find ourselves going live!


Why did I choose Intellectual Property (IP) and GDPR?


Well first of all it came around during a coffee with James Tumbridge. We were talking about the possibility of Venner Shipley hosting an event, and James is an expert on IP and an experienced mediator, so it made perfect sense to do a workshop on IP led by James. It is very common to see IP disputes resolved by mediation, it is an established form of ADR for IP globally, and James has been central to its development not just in the UK but overseas.


But then we started talking about GDPR, and it transpired that James has also been heavily involved in ensuring that clients are GDPR ready. I wondered whether it might be useful for him to run the briefing session he runs for clients, but looking at it from the perspective of a mediator. He agreed and here we are.


So we are mixing an established dispute resolution sector (IP) with a new topic on everyone’s lips at the moment (GDPR).


I’m really looking forward to it and would like to thank James and Venner Shipley in advance for hosting us today.


But, just like in a mediation, nothing ever runs smoothly when you are putting on events, and James has had to drop from the programme at the last minute. But fear not, Venner Shipley Senior Associate Robert Peake has kindly agreed to step in and run the workshop for us. Thank you Robert.


Our next event takes place on Wednesday 11th April. It is led by experienced Clerksroom mediator


, and deals with everything a non-lawyer mediator needs to know to conduct a mediation with full knowledge of the law.  Further details are available here.

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