Mistakes that Can Affect Your Child Custody Case

Mistakes that Can Affect Your Child Custody Case

For couples that are going through a divorce, one of the most challenging aspects of the process is agreeing on the custody arrangement for the kids. Often, custody determinations are based on the best interest of the children. A child custody case can often involve strong convictions and emotions, so the guidance and expertise of …

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Child Support Mediator

Child Support Mediator

A child support mediator can help parents agree on what is often one of the most highly contested issues in a divorce.  Every party in a divorce will have an idea of who should be paying child support and how much they should be paying, so it can be difficult to find a common ground …

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Jewish Mediation: Historical Insights

Jewish Mediation

Jewish mediation has a long tradition within the religion.  The tradition values peace and law together and sees the value of treating disputes with care and consideration for the other party.  Judaism sees the value that compromise may add to a dispute, but also understands that there are certain limitations on mediations. Because of this, …

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Custody Papers: Filing for Custody

Custody Papers Filing for Custody

Almost 45% of US divorces involve children.  Child custody and visitation are highly emotional issues that will deeply affect the family, including its physical, mental, and emotional well-being and the strength of its relationships. Despite the importance of the questions decided in family court, seventy to seventy-five percent of California cases involve parties without lawyers. …

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What is Collaborative Law in Dispute Resolution?

What is Collaborative Law in Dispute Resolution?

Using collaborative law in dispute resolution, especially in family law, helps parties find solutions that meet their needs and the needs of the other parties.  Collaborative law, also known as collaborative practice, is a practice of law that shifts from an adversarial mindset to a collaborative mindset.  It is most commonly practiced in family law …

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Does Mediation Mean Settlement?

Does mediation mean settlement

“Does mediation mean settlement?” is a common question when learning about the different processes in alternative dispute resolution.  While the goal of mediation is often to settle, the two terms are not synonymous.  Mediation is a process that encourages settlement, while settlement is the agreement between the parties.  While a settlement will always resolve a …

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Examples of Dispute Resolution Cases-ADR Case Studies

Examples of Dispute Resolution Cases

Alternative dispute resolution has a great many advantages over civil litigation. Even the courts have realized this, and institutionalized some forms of ADR as part of the litigation process. Beginning in the last half of the twentieth century, businesses of all types and sizes, as well as individuals, became aware of the advantages of ADR. …

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Family Conflict and Stress

Family Conflict and Stress

Family conflict and stress are often a part of life for most of us.  Many people have a person in the family that everyone is slightly uncomfortable around.  Other families will cut off relationships and refuse to gather for decades because of old feuds that were never resolved.  With the current political and social atmosphere, …

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