Smart & Savvy: Negotiation Strategies in Academia


I am delighted to announce that my new book is now available. Smart & Savvy: Negotiation Strategies for Academia is based on my experience training scientists and doctors in negotiation.

My father and co-author, David Kupfer, is distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh, was chair of their Department of Psychiatry for over 25 years and, most recently, editor of DSM-V for the American Psychiatric Association. He has been working on mentoring young academics his whole career. About 12 years ago, I started working with him in developing negotiation training and this book is the result! The first part of the book reviews negotiation styles and skills using a ski analogy (green beginner trails, blue intermediate trails, and black diamond expert trails) to discuss the need for different levels of negotiation skills for varying challenges.

The second part of the book then uses the typical academic stages to apply these skills. With chapters ranging from divorcing your mentor to negotiating co-authorship to grants, promotion, and tenure, the book uses scenarios to outline negotiation tasks for each challenge—preparing for the context, setting goals, assessing the counterparts, possible approaches, reviewing potential outcomes and then pulling lessons together. I hope that you might find it useful in your own teaching and training. And I’d be happy to help with any bulk orders. You can find the book on Amazon or visit the website for more insight about the book  I look forward to your feedback!

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