Second Circuit Arbitral Award: 2020 in Review (Part I of III)

By Hon. Henry Pitman (Ret.) Regardless of whether one is a proponent or opponent of mandatory arbitration clauses, they have become ubiquitous. According to a March 2015 study performed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 53% of credit card agreements and 99.9% of all mobile phone agreements contain mandatory arbitration provisions (Consumer Fin. Prot. Bureau, …

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Top 10 Best Arbitration Books Every Arbitrator Should Read

Best Arbitration Books

Arbitration is a process whereby impartial adjudicators – arbitrators, resolve a clash between individuals or groups. The decisions or the arbitral awards that the adjudicator arrives at, are final and binding on the parties. In contrast to mediation where the mediator facilitates negotiations between parties; in arbitration, the neutral arbitrator(s) has the authority to make a binding decision about the dispute. Whether you’re a student of dispute resolution, or the law, a practitioner, or a party to a dispute, there are plenty of books available to learn more about arbitration. 

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