The Zen-Resolution Revolution

Ever have one of those moments where you were just so frustrated that you couldn’t think straight? Where all you could think about was the problem or source of your anxiety or anger? Where you couldn’t stop thinking about it – milling about it – no matter how hard you tried? Of course you have, and if you haven’t then congratulations because you’re either a Zen master or you’ve had a very serene life, indeed!Well, those moments are one end of the psychoemotional spectrum, and some psychologists would argue that the other end of the spectrum is when you are truly “mindful,” or completely at peace both internally and with the world around you. One of the newest waves of psychological research and practice involves this concept of “mindfulness,” and how it affects everything in our lives from relationships to bodily health. More practically for professional dispute resolution professionals, learning basic mindfulness techniques can help us guide parties through tense situations, and can help us be more receptive to and instinctually aware of the dynamics surrounding us as we work.

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