Virtual Symposium: “Move It! Lateral Hires In International Arbitration”


From my colleague, S.I. Strong:

Young OGEMID (a listserve for junior specialists in international arbitration) is holding its fourth “virtual” symposium, this time on lateral moves/hires in international arbitration.   Virtual symposia are conducted entirely by email, so people can follow the discussion as closely as they want (or not).   This format is also very interactive, since listserve members can pose questions directly to the speakers.

The discussion should cover a variety of important career development concerns relating to lateral moves and features a number of experienced practitioners and academics from around the world.   YO is open to young persons (pre-tenure professors, pre-partner practitioners, and law students) and is free to join.  Information on how to join is included below.   Feel free to sign yourself up if you qualify or pass this email on to those who might be interested.   The symposium will start on October 24th 2016, but you will want to be signed up before that date so that you can be part of the discussion from the very beginning.

YO Fourth Virtual Symposium: “Move It!  Lateral Hires in International Arbitration”

Young-OGEMID’s fourth virtual symposium discusses the ins and outs of lateral moves in the world of international arbitration.   Speakers focus on practices in a variety of jurisdictions (Australia, Belgium, Dubai, England, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United States) and discuss various issues of interest, including how to move laterally as a law firm partner or associate, how to move into academia and within academia, and how to move between different sectors of the legal market.

Young-OGEMID is a free listserv associated with the Transnational Dispute Management law journal for law students, junior scholars and junior practitioners.  Apply for free membership here.


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