Who We Are

Beyond Intractability (BI) and CRInfo were both created by the Conflict Information Consortium (CIC) at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Both were concieved, developed, and are still edited and directed by Heidi Burgess, Ph.D. and Guy Burgess,Ph.D.,  CIC Co-Directors. However, over 500 other people have contributed content to these to projects, as authors of essays, case studies, and other articles and/or contributing an interview about their scholarship and/or practice. 

The new Moving Beyond Intractability (MBI) Project, is also the creation of Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess.  The Conflict Frontiers Massive Open Online Seminar and the What Everyone Can Do Blog are being created by us (Guy and Heidi) alone, while we are drawing from the expertise of many others for the other elements of MBI:  The Conflict Fundamentals Seminr relies heaving on BI essays (although we have been adding our own “Current Implications” sections to each of the essays we use in the Fundamentals Seminar.)  The Beyond Intractability in Context Blog highlights work of hundreds of other scholars, practitioners, reporters, pundits, and others who have important messages to add to our more theoretical teachings; the Colleague Activities Blog reports (obviously) on colleague activities.

More information about these activities can be found in the respective “about” pages.

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