World Mediation Congress and Annual International Law School Mediation Tournament

Join us in Chicago for an international forum to exchange ideas among experienced mediators and advocates practicing in all areas of mediation including family, commercial, tort, community, employment and international mediation.  

Please come to the Stone Soup Session at the ABA Conference- and use Stone Soup next year

Saving the best for last, Lessons From the Stone Soup Project and Ideas for the Future, is scheduled for the ABA Legal Educators Colloquium on Saturday, April 7, from 3:30 to 5.  Since you probably won’t want to miss this, you should plan your travel accordingly.

Stone Soup: Do the best Trainings, Continuing Education Programs, and Conference Sessions you can

I’m sure that most readers of this blog who give presentations are keenly aware of this phenomenon and try to be as interactive as possible, sometimes asking the audience questions during the presentations.

Tim Hedeen: Good and Easy Class Exercise

OFOI Tim Hedeen described the following class exercise about the nature of negotiation, which can easily be adapted in many ways.  (If you want to give students even more of a run for their money, you might assign students to read the short piece on the definition of negotiation that Andrea Schneider, Noam Ebner, David Matz, and I wrote).

Hiro N. Aragaki: Things we know and think we know about Batna and Watna

This will likely be of most interest to scholars writing in this area.  In the final analysis, I think John’s original complaint that we are using BATNA “wrong” may be better directed at WATNA.  I do think that many of us—myself included—have not been particularly clear about what we mean by WATNA, and in this sense may be using the term incorrectly.

Confusing Dispute Resolution Jargon

In this post, I explain how I was led astray.  Part of the reason is that I have come to believe – and still believe – that much of the cherished jargon in our field is misleading and confusing, as I describe below.  So I was primed to believe that this was the case for BATNA too.  I now realize that there is some confusion about BATNA, but not in the way I previously thought.

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