How Much Does Arbitration Cost?

How much does arbitration cost?

The arbitration process can be very beneficial, but how much will arbitration costs be? Beginning in the latter part of the 20th century, Americans sought relief from costly and time-consuming litigation, with Fortune 1000 companies leading the way. Civil litigation was a rich person’s game that even rich people didn’t want to play. In response, …

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High-Low Arbitration

high-low arbitration

When parties have elected to participate in an arbitration, they may choose to take advantage of a guarantee for recovery based on high-low arbitration. The practice has grown in popularity in personal injury and medical malpractice arbitration but is still relatively new to the alternative dispute resolution world. Some critics of the process believe that …

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What Happens After An Appeal Is Granted?

What Happens After An Appeal Is Granted?

Your appeal was successful. Now what? You have been fighting with your former business partner for more than five years now. It has taken a great deal of time, money, and energy. You were shocked when the trial court ruled against you. It was a difficult decision to commit further resources to an appeal. Fortunately, …

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Solve vs. Resolve

solve vs resolve

The words solve and resolve have similar meanings, and many people struggle to determine the difference between them.  Within the alternative dispute resolution world, these terms can be used interchangeably when talking about how a dispute ends; however, it brings up an interesting concept when evaluating how the difference between the words can influence how …

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Is it illegal to screenshot text messages?

Is it illegal to screenshot text messages?

In the modern world, many people choose to communicate through text messages, which can be an easy way to keep in touch with friends in family.  However, this form of communication may raise questions about whether it is legal to screenshot text messages and when these screenshots can be shared.  There are differing laws between …

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Signs wife is changing mind about divorce

Signs wife is changing mind about divorce

Is My Spouse Rethinking Divorce?  Deciding to divorce can be difficult, and there are often signs that one spouse may be changing their mind about the divorce.  This can confuse the parties as they attempt to navigate separation, custody, and dividing their lives because it can cause the couple to question whether the divorce is …

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AAA Employment Arbitration Rules Explained

AAA Employment Arbitration Rules

AAA Employment rules have been a hot topic for decades regarding the enforceability and fairness of the pre-dispute arbitration clauses in the employment context. AAA Employment rules have been a hot topic for decades. The issue is of huge practical importance because, depending on which study one believes, between twenty and forty percent of American workers …

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What is a communication coach?

What is a communication coach?

Communication is the key to achieving a lot in the world, so when communication does not come as easy, it can be not easy to move forward in a career or effectively negotiate for something that you want.  This is where the skills and work of a communication coach may come in.  Communication coaches are …

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Divorce Mediation Checklist

Divorce mediation checklist

Our divorce mediation checklist will help you go through the divorce mediation process. When it’s time to divorce, there may be an urge to try and put the marriage entirely behind you. Your life will probably be entangled with your spouse’s for a long time, especially if the marriage was long term, there are children …

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Defining Partiality

Defining Partiality

Within the alternative dispute resolution sphere, the word partiality, or more commonly impartiality, is used often, but for some new to the field, it can be difficult to define.  It often feels like a type of action that would normally be easily identifiable, but in the world of alternative dispute resolution, the prohibition against partiality …

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