Bird Nesting Divorce: The Shuttle Parenting

Bird Nesting Divorce

Bird nesting divorce is a way that couples have sought to lessen the effects of divorce on their children.  Divorce is often a time of stress and change for both the couple and their children.  Often one of the changes that the couple needs to grow into is the separate living situations, which can often …

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Emotional Abuse in the Workplace

Emotional abuse in the workplace

Emotional abuse in the workplace is a phenomenon that affects many workers around the world.  For those suffering from workplace abuse, life can become incredibly difficult or impossible, turning dream jobs into nightmares. Psychological abuse can be vicious because it can be difficult to detect if it is not blatant, much like adults may not understand …

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Face Negotiation Theory in Action

Face Negotiation Theory

Let’s take a deeper look into Face Negotiation Theory. Have you ever been in a negotiation or conversation with someone where you suddenly notice yourself taking on a defensive stance to protect yourself? Maybe you have been more willing to give in a negotiation to help the other person or preserve what you believe the …

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Divorce Mediation Checklist

Divorce mediation checklist

Our divorce mediation checklist will help you go through the divorce mediation checklist and negotiation process. When it’s time to divorce, there may be an urge to try and put the marriage entirely behind you. However, your life will probably be entangled with your spouse’s for a long time, especially if the marriage was long …

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Overcoming Reluctance With Trauma Victims

Trauma Victims: Overcoming Reluctance

I. INTRODUCTION Traumatic experiences become a part of an individual forever.  At a domestic level, clients may have traumatic experiences like rape, domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse.  At an international level, clients are often the victim of human rights abuses ranging from genocide to war crimes.  These individual have stories that may remain …

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The Fundamental Attribution Error in Mediation

Fundamental Attribution Error

By Zachary Ulrich Why Parties Sometimes “Take Things Personally,” And What Mediators Can Do About It Have you ever had someone blame you for something when there was nothing you could have done to change the situation? For example, have you ever made a promise to someone (say, to be at a certain place at …

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Dealing with the Pains of Divorce through Meaningful and Complete Apology

Complete Apology in Divorce - ADR Times

By Dina Haddad, Esq., LL.M. If you are contemplating divorce, in the midst of a divorce, or already have a divorce decree in hand, you know pressures of the legal process do not compare to the emotional turmoil you are experiencing. The emotional pressures can be quelled when you give a meaningful and complete apology. …

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Mediating Wrongful Death Cases


The necessity for mediating wrongful death cases comes when we least expect. A late-night phone call jerks you awake.  Who could it be at this hour?  Filled with a nameless dread, you answer.  Good news could have waited until morning.  As the caller speaks, you have a sense that everything normal has been ripped away.  …

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Two Sides to Every Story When Cultures Collide

When Cultures Collide

By Mikita Weaver “The problem here is that there are two competing narratives of the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and they are both true – and they don’t meet!” ~Israel Politican Naomi Chazan Growing up as a kid and getting in arguments with my sisters, I always found it amazing how different my version …

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Diary of a Peacebuilding Mission with Tim Pownall

Diary of a Peacebuilding Mission

Peacebuilding is strategic, elusive, complex, and predicated on hope. Hope that a collaborative pursuit of common interests will afford a better future for our children. This is nowhere more evident than in the emerging work of faith-based diplomacy. Track two diplomacy is proving to be the sophisticated, cutting-edge, 21st century transactional diplomatic process among state …

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