Models of Interpersonal Communication

Models of Interpersonal Communication

Each model of interpersonal communication helps illustrate the way thoughts and ideas are communicated and interpreted. By studying and understanding models of communication, dispute resolution practitioners can find new ways to help guide and understand the conversations that happen in front of them. This can help a person reach their personal and professional goals. Models …

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Common Problem-Solving Models & How to Use Them

Problem-Solving Models

Problem–solving models are step-by-step processes that provide a framework for addressing challenges. Problems arise in every facet of life. From work. to home. to friends and family, problems and conflicts can make life difficult and interfere with our physical and mental well-being. Understanding how to approach problems when they arise and implementing problem-solving techniques can …

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Problem Solving Activities: Comprehensive Guide

Problem Solving Activities

Problem-solving and problem-solving activities are transferable skills professionals can use in any career. Problem-solving is a vital skill that everyone should possess. It applies not only in the workplace but also in our day-to-day lives. From resolving conflicts to making critical decisions, problem-solving skills can significantly enhance our ability to navigate through life’s challenges. There …

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Problem Solving Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Problem Solving Process

Problem-solving is a skill that can be honed and perfected, therefore a basic problem-solving process is essential to this skillset. Every day, we’re confronted with problems—some are small; others might seem insurmountable.  But before you can begin honing problem-solving skills, you have to learn an effective problem-solving process. You can’t always solve problems with the …

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Practical Examples of Emotional Intelligence

Examples of Emotional Intelligence

For those of us who need them, here are some practical examples of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient, is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. High emotional intelligence is an asset in so many situations, both professionally and …

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Active Listening Exercises: Enhancing Communication Skills

active listening exercises

Active listening is a critical skill that can help foster effective communication in all aspects of life. From personal relationships to professional settings, active listening skills can bridge the gap between misunderstanding and comprehension, fostering healthier and more productive interactions. Some people are naturally good, active listeners. Other people will have to work on practicing …

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What is Negotiation? The Fundamentals

what is negotiation

What is negotiation? For many of us, our first thoughts go to a salary or hostage negotiation scenario. But all of us engage in the negotiation process far more often than we realize. Negotiation, in simple terms, is a dialogue between two or more parties with competing interests that are trying to reach an agreement.  …

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Meaning of Confrontational in Dispute Resolution

Confrontational meaning

When learning about conflict and dispute resolution, it can be difficult to understand the definition of “confrontational.”  Everyone will have their own idea of what confrontation is and its uses. Some negative, and some positive. Defining the term “confrontational” can be difficult but thinking about the basic characteristics that are present in a confrontational interaction …

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What is Mediation? Understanding the ADR Process

What is mediation

What is mediation? Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that uses a trained, neutral third party to assist two conflicting parties into mutually acceptable solutions. Mediation has become a popular option for resolving disputes. It helps take the disputing parties outside of court proceedings and into a space to focus on finding a mutually …

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De-Escalation Techniques for Client and Customer Retention

De-Escalation Techniques

It is essential to develop de-escalation strategies to help de-escalate a situation that may arise. No matter which profession you are a part of, you have likely come face-to-face with a customer’s complaint at some point. For many people, the first reaction when a person challenges their expertise or advice is to double down and …

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