Overcoming Reluctance With Trauma Victims

Trauma Victims: Overcoming Reluctance

Traumatic experiences become a part of an individual forever.  At a domestic level, clients may have traumatic experiences like rape, domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse.  At an international level, clients are often the victim of human rights abuses ranging from genocide to war crimes.  These individual have stories that may remain untold forever; …

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An Interview with International Arbitrator & Mediator Eric Van Ginkel

Eric van Ginkel

Our ADR Times Contributing Editor, Zach Ulrich, had the opportunity to sit down with expert international mediator and arbitrator Eric van Ginkel, and discuss topics including the role of culture and language in international disputes, differences between international and intranational conflicts, and Mr. van Ginkel’s career as a neutral. A consummate commercial attorney, mediator, and …

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An Interview with Expert Mediatior Scott Van Soye

Scott Van Soye

Our ADR Times Contributing Editor, Zach Ulrich, recently had the opportunity to sit down with expert mediator and arbitrator Scott Van Soye, to discuss Mr. Van Soye’s insights into the emotions and typical negotiation dynamics of mediation, his unique perspective into employment and disability cases, and his “learned wisdom” from experience as a lawyer and …

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The Simple Act of Kindness in Mediation

Last weekend was Father’s Day and I took note of two stories that seemed useful in mediation. The first, was on CBS Sunday Morning where the editorial piece reflected upon how student athletes, from Little League through College, end each game, however hard fought, with a handshake and a “high five”. 

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