Individualist vs. Collectivist Peacemaking

Individualist vs. Collectivist Peacemaking

“Blessed are the peacemakers.” We value peacemakers. We may even aspire to be among them. But often we have no firm conception of what it means to “make peace.” Does it mean to cause the cessation of conflict, by whatever means? Or does it refer only to non-violent efforts to mediate disputes, or to bring …

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I use the term peacemaking to describe the values and processes involved in transforming difficult and intractable conflicts. Peacemaking encompasses mediation; however, mediation, especially mediation of litigated disputes, does not necessarily include peacemaking. Knowing the difference is useful because it can influence the processes and interventions used by mediators. Join now to enjoy full access …

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The Zen-Resolution Revolution

Ever have one of those moments where you were just so frustrated that you couldn’t think straight? Where all you could think about was the problem or source of your anxiety or anger? Where you couldn’t stop thinking about it – milling about it – no matter how hard you tried? Of course you have, …

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Responding to the Types of Workplace Conflict

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Peace Palace in The Hague

I recently visited the Peace Palace in The Hague.  The structure and layout of the building is a testament to its unique purpose.  Andrew Carnegie contributed the funds to build the palace under two conditions: that it contain the largest international law library in the world, and that each member country contribute gifts to decorate …

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Strategies for Moving Beyond Disputes About “God”

Religion is, and according to recorded history always has been, a major source of conflict between groups of peoples. This article addresses what the writer perceives to be a pervasive root of conflict at the basic level between believers— “who has the “right” God?” As found by a recent BBC Poll, over 60% of the …

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Association for Conflict Resolution 2011 Peacemaker Award

Tim Pownall on behalf of the PACIS project in faithbased diplomacy accepted the 2011 Peacemaker Award given each year by the Association for Conflict Resolution. The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is an organization committed to awareness of conflict resolution in the public. ACR’s vision is that “All people know their choices for conflict resolution.”As …

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Communication Problems

There may be a communication problem when the workplace is missing the flow and is just not working the way it should. Workplaces are a common spot for communication issues to pop up. Coworkers are often not privy to each other’s communication styles, and pressure surrounding projects can cause a breakdown. These issues, if left …

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