What is the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS)?

FMCS New Mediator Class of 2019

The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) is the nation’s largest independent public agency for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and conflict management, providing mediation and conflict resolution services in the private, public, and federal sectors.

Components of Peace Agreements

Most peace agreements address three main concerns: procedure, substance and organization. Procedural components set out the processes that establish and maintain peace. They delineate the HOW of a peace process by establishing the processes and measures that help build the peace. 

My Healing Journey Back from Burnout & Facing the Myth of Hustling to Success

I previously wrote several candid posts about my journey after leaving my business law & dispute resolution consulting practices along with several leadership posts for a 2.5-year sabbatical to heal from “burnout,” that I didn’t even know I needed. Like a “Fish Out of Water,” sometimes our environments & what we “know” can prevent True …

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ABA Conference Sessions You Might Enjoy

I love the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution annual conferences. They always put on a wide array of wonderful sessions and it’s a great time to connect with friends, old and new. As in the past, I am listing some sessions that particularly intrigue me. 

Mediation and Peacemaking

Mediation encompasses a broad array of processes that typically involves a third party working with the disputants. The third party may or may not be neutral or impartial. For example, in communal societies, elders may mediate disputes between families.

When Is A Case Ripe For Mediation?

I would say all of those cases were ripe for mediation at the time I was asked to mediate them. How can that be? Simple. In each case, the attorneys/parties had the right information, and a strong enough desire to settle, in order to make good decisions. Could those cases, which were further into the judicial process, have been resolved sooner? Possibly. But in retrospect, I don’t think they were ready until we mediated them.

The Need To Be Right

Regardless of the hat I’m wearing at the time — mediator, litigator, friend, brother, husband, father, and now grandfather — I struggle with the desire to be right. Always right. I recently read a post on the Mediate.com blog by Loraine Segal entitled The Seductiveness of Being Right. St. Augustine, a pillar of the early church, regularly prayed “Oh Lord, deliver me from the lust of always vindicating myself.” Can you identify with this? The desire to be right truly is seductive, and it’s not helpful.

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