Separation Mediation: A Detailed Guide

Separation Mediation

When parties are considering using mediation to help them separate effectively, they may wonder how to prepare for separation mediation effectively.  For some, they may not even know what mediation entails, and they will have no idea how mediation will work for them.  Mediation is a commonly used practice, especially in family law matters, yet …

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Bird Nesting Divorce: The Shuttle Parenting

Bird Nesting Divorce

Bird nesting divorce is a way that couples have sought to lessen the effects of divorce on their children.  Divorce is often a time of stress and change for both the couple and their children.  Often one of the changes that the couple needs to grow into is the separate living situations, which can often …

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Value Conflicts Explained

Value Conflicts

What is a Value Conflict? Conflicts are an inherent part of social existence because we are in constant competition for resources.   We also are in conflict because we have different goals and different ideas about our place in society, what our rights, duties, and responsibilities to other people are, and what constitutes right, wrong, …

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Lesbian Divorce Rate: A Closer Look

Lesbian Divorce Rate

Same-sex marriage and divorce rates are on the rise, particularly lesbian divorce rates. Most people are not thinking about the breakdown of a marriage when it begins, yet unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce according to national statistics. There are many reasons why a couple may choose to split up, from infidelity or domestic violence …

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Family and Maternity Leave in California

Maternity Leave in California

Maternity leave in California is designed to ensure that expecting employees are protected. California, through a combination of laws, has created a way to give its citizens a path to enjoy time with a growing family without the stress of needing to work to make ends meet. Starting or expanding a family comes with many new …

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Signs wife is changing mind about divorce

Signs wife is changing mind about divorce

Deciding to divorce can be difficult, and there are often signs that the wife may be changing their mind about the divorce.  This can confuse the parties as they attempt to navigate separation, custody, and dividing their lives because it can cause the couple to question whether the divorce is the best thing for their …

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Mastering Your Emotions in Conflict Resolution

Mastering Your Emotions in Conflict

Chances are if you’ve participated in any form of dispute resolution, there has been a point where you or someone working with you has suggested that you master your emotions in conflict. The suggestion is much easier said than done, as emotions are strong and can often feel overwhelming and uncontrollable.  And in many circumstances, feeling …

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Divorce Mediation Cost – Ultimate Guide

divorce mediation cost

It is important to understand divorce mediation costs when considering divorce mediation.  The divorce mediation process can be difficult and confusing and one that you pay a lot for. Divorce mediation costs are important to understand and consider, especially because divorce mediation is often presented as the cheaper option. This is not always the case. …

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Capacity Building Activities Explained

Capacity building

Capacity-building activities help a party to achieve its goals and solve issues that arise in its day-to-day operations. Capacity building evaluates the party’s ability to expand its operations and capacity to reach more of its goals in the future. Several broad types of capacity can be built as general categories, but capacity can be made …

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What is an Amicable Divorce?

Amicable Divorce

What is an amicable divorce? When a divorce process is inevitable, a couple may begin to evaluate their options to resolve their divorce inexpensively and as cooperatively as possible. This question will especially crop up when the parties are on good terms with one another but must separate their lives. An amicable divorce process may seem …

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