Healing The Energy of Conflict by Hass Sadeghi

Healing The Energy of Conflict by Hass Sadeghi
Healing The Energy of Conflict by Hass Sadeghi

Let’s be real; Conflict can bring up some deep pain and associated underlying energies — I’m not referring to pain that you can put a band-aid on or have a doctor fix.

I’m talking about the deep-rooted and “psycho-spiritual” pain that makes one feel intense emotional responses triggered by a Conflict.

When we are faced with a Conflict, the uprooting of such underlying energies can compound our situation.

We’re matter based life-forms with an underlying energetic current.

In conflicts, we are thrown off balance and our energy is greatly impacted.

Experiencing conflict has a negative effect on an energetic field because our energy is influenced by thoughts and emotions.

Handling the Conflict itself is one thing, and resolving a Conflict that has an added layer of psycho-spiritual elements & energies is another, which makes it a more challenging endeavor.
By looking deep to release energy & subconscious triggers, then the resolution of the overlying Conflict will be straight-forward & decoupled from the other baggage you may have been carrying that was compounding the situation.

Where does the energy come from? It can be from a childhood wound surrounding the subject-matter, not aligning with a core value, spiritual origins, a limiting belief that is being challenged, among other possible origins.

We can learn & transform a great deal if we take time to learn from such underlying energies of the conflict, plus it will make solving the overlying Conflict much simpler:

  • If it involves another person that’s triggering it, then what are you projecting?
  • If it involves a core value or spiritual origin, how can you tap into what you feel is lacking or missing?
  • If it involves a limiting belief, how can you re-frame it or renew your perspective?

Here is a simple process that may be useful in letting go of energy that may be triggered during a Conflict you experience in the future:

Take the time to create space to FEEL and experience what has arisen
Be mindful that this too shall pass and do not identify with the energy
Visualize yourself letting go of the energy in whatever form that takes for you
Create a positive Affirmation of what the Lesson(s) maybe
Take some deep breaths and thank yourself for having the strength to honor the Lessons

In having clients go through the deep work of “letting go,” there was ease realized in the dispute resolution process resulting in comprehensive resolutions & optimal participant satisfaction.

You have the choice to actualize resolution and restore peaceful flow to your life, and it starts with healing the energy of conflict.
The power to transform your conflict into resolution is in your hands, so, let go & resolution will flow!