Jeff Kichaven, Esq., accepted into Who’s Who in ADR

Who’s Who in ADR is an Invitation-Only Worldwide Roster of Top Caliber Mediators and Arbitrators Who Exemplify ADR Excellence. 

September 26th, 2022

Irvine, California — Jeff Kichaven, Esq., accomplished independent Commercial Mediator of Jeff Kichaven Commercial Mediation, has been accepted into the inaugural edition of “Who’s Who in ADR” by ADR Times – the foremost dispute resolution community for successful mediators and arbitrators worldwide. 

Mr. Kichaven was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include independent research of a neutral’s track record of successfully resolving commercial disputes, thought leadership profile, peer nominations, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

“We are honored to formally recognize Mr. Kichaven’s dispute resolution expertise and lifelong achievements,” said Mark Fotohabadi, Publisher of ADR Times, the collective that includes Who’s Who in ADR. “Our mission with Who’s Who in ADR is to profile exemplary neutrals and dispute resolution executives who have proven to be a leader in their unique niche(s), and continue to inspire the next generation of problem solvers.” 

As an inductee of Who’s Who in ADR, Mr. Kichaven will be featured in their ongoing thought leadership promotional series, have exclusive access to their growing community, and have the opportunity to nominate other peers for review. Mr. Kichaven will also be invited to work closely with their professional editorial team to continue to share his expert practice insights on positively shaping the future of dispute resolution. 

“In the heat of litigation, lawyers and clients can lose their appreciation for each other. Frustration, stress, and poor decision-making can result. What can be done? A mediator can uniquely help bring that appreciation back, allowing better decision-making and, so often, a settlement. That’s one of my goals as a mediator. I try to help people see everyone involved differently. Every case brings its unique challenges. The ability to use my skills to help both lawyers and clients deal with those challenges makes me so grateful that I am a mediator.  And I am so honored to be included in ADR Times’ inaugural list of Who’s Who in ADR both to spread this message of what mediation can mean, and to see the inspirational messages of other leaders in our profession. The mediators with whom I share this honor are visionaries in our field, and it is a great service that ADR Times has chosen to share their visions for the benefit of its readers and the many others whose lives mediations touch,” said Mr. Kichaven.

Recognizing the need for premium dispute resolution content, connections, and community, ADR Times is the brainchild of co-founders, Mark Fotohabadi, Ph.D., and award-winning peacemaker and gifted teacher, the late W. Timothy Pownall (1948-2016), who together envisioned and built a parties-first approach to offer people and professionals entangled in conflict, direct access to dispute resolution excellence. 

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