Publication Agreement

This Publication Agreement made by and between the contributor and/or their authorized agent (the “Contributor”) and ADR Times, a subsidiary of the MinaMark Company, a CA corporation (“ADR Times”), hereby governs the submission of content, by the Contributor (the “Work”) to ADR Times for publication:

1) Upon submitting of the Work, the Contributor hereby represents and warrants, that the Work:

  • Is the Contributor’s sole and original work;
  • Has proper citations to acknowledge original ideas of other respective sources;
  • Does not infringe on any copyright laws;
  • Does not contain any material that is libelous or defamatory;
  • Does not violate the proprietary rights, privacy, or other rights of any third party; and
  • May be used and published by ADR Times in accordance with this Agreement without violating any other third-party agreements.

2) The Contributor agrees that ADR Times will have fifteen (15) days from the date of the online submission to accept, reject, or revise the Work for publication in ADR Times, and that the Contributor will not publish the Work, submit or license the Work for publication, or assign any rights that the Contributor has in the Work to any other party during this 15 day period.

3) If the Work is accepted by ADR Times, it will then be deemed “Accepted Work” in which ADR Times reserves the right to format and/or to edit for length, spelling, grammar, and readability.

4) In consideration for ADR Times to publish the Accepted Work, Contributor hereby grants and assigns ADR Times the following rights to the Accepted Work:

  • The rights to first publish the Accepted Work in any of ADR Times publications and it’s distribution channels within ninety (90) days of your initial submission;
  • The exclusive right to syndicate the Accepted Work in any media for one year following the publication;
  • The right to reprint the Accepted Work or any part of the Accepted Work in any subsequent issues of any ADR Times publications, including any special issues, book compilations, and anthologies;
  • The right to use the Contributor’s name, likeness, professional affiliation(s), approved biography or other approved text in connection with the promotion, trade and advertising of ADR Times and/or any columns, articles, sections, and/or other parts of ADR Times publications; and
  • The right to authorize reprints of the Accepted Work as it appeared in ADR Times.

5) All of the rights granted by the Contributor in this Agreement may be exploited by ADR Times anywhere in the world. The Contributor agrees not to exploit any reserved rights that the Contributor may have in the Accepted Work prior to the first publication of the Accepted Work by ADR Times in its publication. Furthermore, the Contributor shall not permit pre-publication review of the Accepted Work by sources or any third party.

6) To assist in checking the Accepted Work for accuracy, and to avoid any potential legal problems, the Contributor shall provide ADR Times with sources, citations or documents referred to in the Accepted Work.

7) In the event of an allegation of impropriety regarding any published Work as to plagiarism, ADR Times will temporarily remove the content to carefully review the matter.

8) ADR Times shall not be obligated to pay any sum to the Contributor for the exploitation of the rights granted and assigned by the Contributor to ADR Times under this Agreement.

9) The Contributor agrees to indemnify ADR Times against any and all claims, and to reimburse ADR Times for all damages and legal fees incurred, as a result of any breach of the Contributor’s representations and warranties set forth in paragraph 1 of this Agreement. The Contributor agrees to cooperate in the defense of any legal action against ADR Times arising from the use or publication of the Accepted Work by ADR Times.

10) This Agreement contains the entire and complete understanding between the Contributor and ADR Times and it supersedes any purchase order, invoice, memo, or other writing that the Contributor may have sent to ADR Times. Any amendments to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by the publisher of ADR Times.

11) If ADR Times does not accept the Work for publication within the fifteen (15) days period, you will be notified in writing of that decision. The Contributor will then retain all of the Contributor’s rights in the Work.

12) This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.

By submitting your Work to ADR Times, you hereby acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to the terms of this Publication Agreement.

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