ADR Times Relaunches Its Robust Publishing Platform To Help Parties Effectively Resolve Disputes

Centralized deployment of an interconnected CMS grants direct access to practical ADR knowledge, for all – including resources for 80% of non-litigated disputes and their disputants.

Irvine, CA – August 10th, 2020

The highly fragmented field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) encompasses a wide range of dispute resolution processes and techniques that act as a means for disagreeing parties to come to an agreement, short of litigation. While access to ADR is often seen as an extension of the legal or judicial profession, such an approach fails to account for the vast majority of disputes – approximately 80% – that never see a lawyer, let alone a court.

Recognizing the need for a centralized ADR resource and an asynchronous learning platform to help resolve litigated and such non-litigated disputes, was the impetus for ADR Times. Founded in 2010, ADR Times is the brainchild of co-founders, Mark Fotohabadi and the late, W. Timothy Pownall (1948-2016), who together envisioned and built a parties-first approach to offer people and professionals entangled in conflict, direct access to dispute resolution excellence.

“Leveraging Tim’s extensive dispute resolution leadership (JAMS, Center for Conflict Resolution, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution), and past executive publishing expertise (Barnes & Noble), we co-founded and built what Tim envisioned as the ‘business of mediation’ and the important work of translating theory into practice,” said Mark Fotohabadi, Co-Founder & Publisher of ADR Times.

Over the first ten years, the legacy Squarespace custom-built platform, helped ADR Times build its multimedia library to house over 7,500+ original articles and peer-reviewed content, through its in-house editorial team and submissions from over 300 respected ADR thought leaders and active practitioners. ADR Times covers a full range of ADR topics, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, diplomacy, and peacemaking, helping it attract over one million unique visitors annually.

The newly improved ADR Times platform has now been custom-built on a versatile and interconnected Content Management System (CMS) granting readers a greatly improved desktop and mobile-responsive user experience, as well as swift access to view ADR content by topics, related areas of law, suggested relevant content, and the ability to discuss and comment on articles in real time. The extended distribution channels of the Weekly Wrap newsletter (most popular content published weekly), consistent social media interactions, as well as direct per-issue access to the popular digital quarterly publication of Perspectives on Dispute Resolution will also help people and practitioners access the evergreen and ever growing ADR resources quickly to effectively resolve their disputes.

“Such improvements, rich content, and our consistent distribution channels, will help us to continue to grow our loyal readership,” Fotohabadi commented, “and also help us deliver a better marketing experience for our advertisers and ADR practitioners, to reach their targeted audiences directly.”

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Founded in 2010, ADR Times delivers daily Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) news, authoritative commentary, expert analysis, practice tools, and guidance on a full range of topics, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, diplomacy, and peacemaking.

Through a robust platform of 7,500+ articles, peer-reviewed content, our in-house editorial team, and submissions of 300+ respected ADR thought leaders – we serve the people and parties entangled in conflict, mediators, arbitrators, lawyers, claims reps, and scholars alike. Please visit to join our community today, and follow us on Twitter at @adrtimes

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