How Much Do Mediators Make? An Overview

How Much Do Mediators make

One of the main questions for those interested in mediation is, “How much do mediators make?”. When considering any job title, one of the biggest influences on whether it is viable is the average salary for a person with the occupation. This is no different when it comes to dispute resolution professionals. Mediators, arbitrators, and conciliators need to be able to provide for themselves and their families the same as anyone else. Anyone considering the gig is also often interested in whether mediator salaries will offset the cost of training and education to become one.

This article will look at salaries for mediators and outline some common factors that influence whether the salaries will deviate from the median, such as industries and locations. This article aims to present the current mediator salaries and help you determine if jobs in mediation are a good fit for you. All salary statistics come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and include the salaries of arbitrators, which can be higher than mediators.

A Mediator’s Role

Before diving into the statistics, it is important to understand what a mediator does. The mediator guides the parties to a dispute and works with them to resolve the issues through negotiation and compromise. Mediators’ responsibilities include being neutral and disclosing any conflicts, keeping information shared confidential, and encouraging the parties to work toward solutions.

Working as a mediator will often require training, and many states require completion of a specific conflict resolution course and experience in mediation before becoming a certified mediator. A certified mediator is included on a list the courts will give parties. Mediating in specific industries, such as health care or family mediation, will often require additional specialized training and experience. Training will often cost money, so it is important to understand what your return will be.

Average Salary for a Mediator

Now, we can turn to the specifics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a mediator is $95,370 per year, and the highest salary for most mediators is $152,739 and above. The high end of the pay range is from the top 10% of earners in 2023. These numbers break down to an average hourly wage of $45.85 at the median and $73.43 at the top portion.

These estimates are based on mediators, arbitrators, and conciliators across various industries and locations, with many working for different companies. They also do not include all mediators, as many self-employed mediators are not included in the estimates. This does not guarantee that you will make this immediately.

Factors that Push Above the Median Wage

Several factors can influence the amount one is paid, even within similar positions. As with all occupations, mediator salaries are determined by industry, location, and workload.

Working in High-Paying Industries

As with any job title, the pay as a mediator may change as with your work industry. A family mediator may earn a standard salary if they are certified by the courts, but this can also drive the pay down if the parties do not pay them much. This can even be influenced by a department or area within the industry. The most common industries for mediators include the following, along with average pay.


Many mediators work for the government in some capacity. This can include a local, state, or federal district court-certified mediator and those working in other government realms. It does not include those who work in schools or healthcare. These can be further categorized, including those who do labor management mediation for the government. The mean salary for government jobs is fairly high, at $146,160.

Healthcare and Hospital Mediators

A mediator may need to handle various roles and situations within the healthcare field. A mediator handling disputes and people in the health system may require specialized training to ensure they understand the dispute’s subject matter. However, this kind of mediator boasts the highest salary, averaging $150,190 annually.

School Systems

A mediator can also work in a school, from elementary to college. They can resolve disputes between students, teachers, administrators, and local officials. School mediators earn an average of $112,640 per year.

Highest Paying States

The location of the mediation jobs can also dictate pay, as the cost of living is higher in states like California, New Jersey, New York, and the District of Columbia than it may be in places in Florida. Depending on the concentration of mediators in the region and the cost of living, you may be able to make more in certain locations. The states with the top salaries are D.C. and Minnesota, where they pay $119,650 and $112,800, respectively.

Number of Cases

Because mediators typically set their own hourly rate and determine how many cases and jobs they can take on, their time is often the determining factor for pay. By taking on a robust list of jobs, mediators may be able to increase their salary, even outside the top-paying industries and regions. Becoming a mediator takes determination and hard work, but if you fulfill your responsibilities wisely and help resolve cases, you will be a valuable asset and earn your way.

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Emily Holland
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