Recognizing The Power of Peer Mediation

peer mediation

In conflict resolution, peer mediation emerges as a beacon of hope and transformation.  It’s a process that empowers individuals, typically within educational or workplace settings, to take charge of disputes and work towards a mutually beneficial resolution.  This blog post will explore peer mediation’s true essence, its benefits, and how it can be effectively implemented …

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Mediation Vs. Moderation: A Detailed Analysis

mediation vs moderation

Regarding conflict resolution and interpersonal communication, two strategies stand out for their effectiveness and application in various settings: mediation and moderation. While both approaches aim to address disputes and foster understanding, their methodologies, purposes, and outcomes significantly differ. This informative blog post will examine these concepts, helping individuals and organizations choose the right strategy. Understanding …

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When is Divorce Mediation Not Recommended?

when is divorce mediation not recommended

While mediation can be a cost-effective and private process to resolve your divorce, there are times when divorce mediation is not recommended. When a couple is breaking up, they must navigate the divorce process if they are married. Traditional divorce proceedings can be a long and arduous experience, so many couples will opt to use …

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Preparing For a Mediation: A 10 Step Guide

preparing for mediation

Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a system of processes designed to assist parties in resolving their disputes economically and more quickly than the traditional court system. Its value lies in reducing the time, cost and uncertainty in the civil justice system. The key to achieving successful results in ADR is preparation. The following represents the basic steps for an attorney to prepare for a mediation hearing.

7 Proven Steps for Drafting A Mediation Brief

Mediation briefs

Attorneys receive lots of training and spend countless hours practicing to prepare winning appellate briefs, arguments, and summary judgment motions. With that said, it’s important to also focus on mediation brief. Unfortunately, mediation briefs are either overlooked, prepared at the last minute, or both. However, mediation briefs have much more of an influence on the mediation process than you might think.

Mediation vs Arbitration: What is the Difference

Mediation vs Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are found within the alternative dispute resolution sphere because they offer ways to resolve disputes outside the traditional litigation process.  However, the procedures are very different.  Each system presents its benefits and challenges, and neither system is truly superior to the other.  Understanding how and when to use each process is vital …

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Understanding the Benefits of Caucus Mediation

Caucus Mediation

When parties have difficulty discussing the issues with the other party in the room, the mediator may decide to move to caucus mediation. Caucuses can be a powerful tool in mediation, but some downsides need to be considered when considering a caucus. The mediator’s style will also impact when caucuses are used. Some mediators begin mediation …

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How Much Do Mediators Make? An Overview

How Much Do Mediators make

One of the main questions for those interested in mediation is, “How much do mediators make?”. When considering any job title, one of the biggest influences on whether it is viable is the average salary for a person with the occupation. This is no different when it comes to dispute resolution professionals. Mediators, arbitrators, and …

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How Long After Mediation Can You Go To Court

How Long After Mediation Can You Go To Court

Understanding the aftermath of the mediation process, mediation results, and how long after mediation you can go to court is a vital step in deciding the ADR route. By now, you have likely encountered the mediation process somehow, either by personal experience or its recent rise in alternative dispute resolution circles. Mediation allows the parties …

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Mediation, Court, and the Difference in ADR

mediation court

Mediation can be an excellent tool for resolving disputes, but unless you have personally participated in mediation or know someone who has, you may not know much about the process. This can cause many people to avoid the process or not even recognize the option. This article will outline what mediation is, how it is …

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