ADR Resources

ADR Resources

The ABCs of ADR

The most comprehensive glossary of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) terminology online. If we missed any terms, please let us know.

ADR Help

We’re ADR matchmakers… and have a knack for pairing up parties in conflict with qualified mediators and/or arbitrators. Get expert help today!

ADR Blog

As a trusted source of everything ADR, there are plenty of detailed posts here for you to learn; leverage our DIY tips; or recognize how expert professionals resolve complex matters gracefully.

ADR Blawgs

Our favorite list of Top 10 Negotiation; Top 10 Mediation; Top 10 Arbitration; and Top 20 General ADR law blogs (blawgs) presented together for you to “bookmark” and follow.

ADR Programs

We evaluate the Top 12 best law school dispute resolution programs of 2021, from a prospective student’s perspective.

Mediation Books

These carefully selected mediation books will provide ample knowledge and mediation skills to become a better negotiator and in turn a masterful mediator.

Arbitration Books

Simply put – here are the Top 10 Best Arbitration Books Every Arbitrator Should Read.

Negotiation Books

Most people want to get what they desire, which is where negotiating can come into play. Here, we present the 10 best negotiation books of 2021.


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