How to Start Mediation The Right Way

How to Start Mediation

The best mediators know how to start mediation in the best way for the particular individual. As mediation has grown in popularity, you have likely heard the benefits of solving problems through the process. Once you’ve understood how helpful mediation can be for conflict resolution, you will probably consider using it for your next conflict. …

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What Happens in Mediation? How the Process Works

What Happens in Mediation

What happens in mediation? Mediation has become a vital part of the conflict resolution system, yet many people have not experienced mediation, nor do they understand the process. This can cause people to decide not to participate or have many reservations about it. It can also feel overwhelming because the people involved may not know …

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Mediator vs Lawyer: Finding the Best Fit

Mediator vs Lawyer

One of the biggest confusions is whether hiring a divorce mediator or lawyer is the best option. While this decision is just the beginning of the process, understanding the options and making the right call can impact the outcome for everyone involved. This article will explore the roles of divorce attorneys and mediators to help …

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How Long After Mediation Will I Get My Money?

How Long After Mediation Will I Get My Money

How long after mediation will I get my money? A mediation session can feel overwhelming, but once you reach the agreement, it can feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, whether you are arguing your personal injury case with an insurance company to cover medical bills or hoping to have more …

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Compromise Conflict Style: At A Glance

Compromise Conflict Style

The compromise conflict style allows the parties to find a way to resolve conflicts adequately and move forward. Dealing with conflict is a part of daily life for everyone. Conflict arises in the home, workplace, or social settings in even the most healthy relationships. Maintaining harmony can be difficult when multiple parties work together on …

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Learn How to Manage Inward Emotional Turbulence

Inward Emotional Turbulence

While occasional periods of emotional distress can be expected, if you are consistently feeling like your intense emotions are out of control, you may be dealing with crippling emotional turbulence. Recognizing that your emotional landscape needs to be regulated to help you reach inner peace is the first step in creating emotional awareness and treating …

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