When Does Decision Making Become More Complex?

When Does Decision Making Become More Complex

There are rare instances when decision-making becomes more complex. We make thousands of tiny daily decisions, from what to eat to what to wear or which route to take home from work. Yet some decisions are more complex and involve many other factors that can interfere with our ability to decide. The complex decisions include …

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How To Become a Divorce Mediator: A Brief Guide

How To Become a Divorce Mediator

Even under the best circumstances, ending a marriage is an emotional and overwhelming experience; for those interested in helping others during this life-altering event, learning how to become a divorce mediator may be the right career path. Divorce is an ever-constant reality in our society, which is why when people think about mediation, most of …

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Mediation Opening Statement: A Full Checklist

A Checklist for Mediation Opening Statements

Opening statements in mediation set the tone for the rest of the process. They open the mediation and begin the conciliatory process. The mediator and parties can set the stage for what they hope to accomplish and how they see the issues. Preparing can feel overwhelming because opening statements hold so much power for everyone involved. Having …

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Empathic Vs. Empathetic: A Dive into Emotional Understanding

Empathic Vs. Empathetic

Empathic vs. empathetic are terms used interchangeably to describe someone who can feel someone else’s emotions. With its vastness and complexity, the English language often presents us with words that sound similar yet carry distinct meanings. One such pair is empathic and empathetic. While they may sound interchangeable and have similar meanings, there are subtle …

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A Guide to Accommodating Conflict Style

accommodating conflict style

The accommodating conflict management style is one of the many ways to deal with conflict. When people approach conflict or conflict management, they typically choose one of five negotiation styles to handle the conflict—competing, compromising, collaborating, avoiding, and accommodating. These conflict management styles describe how a person can think about, negotiate, and resolve a problem. …

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Dispute Resolved Customer Disagrees: Explained

Dispute Resolved Customer Disagrees

A common and frustrating result of disputing a charge or account on credit is “Dispute Resolved: Customer Disagrees.” Unfortunately, this usually means that the credit reporting agency is unwilling to investigate further, even though the customer disagrees that it should be removed.  This article will explore what it means when this is the result of …

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Coercive Power: How it Impacts Your Employees

Coercive Power

Coercive power is a concept created by social psychologists John French and Bertram Raven, who defined the different types of social power used and how coercive power is used and abused in everyday life. Have you ever been threatened with a punishment if you did not complete a task? Maybe your parents told you that …

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When is Divorce Mediation Not Recommended?

when is divorce mediation not recommended

While mediation can be a cost-effective and private process to resolve your divorce, there are times when divorce mediation is not recommended. When a couple is breaking up, they must navigate the divorce process if they are married. Traditional divorce proceedings can be a long and arduous experience, so many couples will opt to use …

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Unraveling Sunk Cost Fallacy Relationships

Sunk Cost Fallacy Relationships

We’ve all been there, and by “there,” we mean in a sunk cost fallacy relationship. Many people will feel an overwhelming loss at the end of a relationship, responding not only to the loss of the experience but also to the loss of all of the time, energy, and memories that were a part of that …

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