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In the third installment in our series on ADR resources, we focus on the top ADR blawgs (law blogs) to follow.  Blogging has become a way for organizations, law firms, and individual practitioners to share research, ideas, stories, and advice with other people around the world.  Many people have turned to blogs to find a way to connect with others around a common subject.  This article will list some of the best blawgs related to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) topics that readers can follow to learn about specific aspects of resolving disputes.

Our ADR Times publication is methodically organized to cover a full range of specific ADR topics: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and a broader spectrum of related topics.

In addition, this article will list ten negotiations, ten mediation, ten arbitration, and twenty general ADR blawgs.  All of the resources will be listed alphabetically and not ranked based on any other ranking system.

Top 10 Negotiation Blawgs:

  • C4 Negotiation Blog ( C4 is The Center for Negotiation in Berlin, Germany.  Their blawg hosts a variety of resources related to negotiations, including an analysis of cases and local issues.
  • Camp Systems ( Camp Systems is a leader in providing an “ethical, contrarian, and counterintuitive” negotiation system for any deal in any situation.  The blawg includes tips and resources as well as interviews with clients and practitioners.
  • Campolo’s Negotiation Blog ( Campolo’s Negotiation Blog is a part of Campolo, Middleton, & McCormick, LLP, a New York-based firm.  The blog looks at a lot of situations where negotiation would be needed with a slight focus on business and negotiation.
  • Expert Negotiator ( Expert Negotiator was founded by Marty Latz, one of the most respected negotiators, to help the average person learn to negotiate better. The blog features some of his best tips for dealing with difficult situations.
  • Entrepreneur Negotiation Section ( While Entrepreneur is not a negotiation-focused magazine, negotiation is a vital part of new business, and the magazine’s blog has a large article base tagged with negotiation.
  • K & R Negotiators ( K & R is an elite professional negotiator service that seeks t train clients to do well at the negotiation table. The blog focuses on striking a balance between the two points of view.
  • Program on Negotiation ( The Program on Negotiation is a program between Harvard Law School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Tufts University which produces a blawg focused on all aspects of negotiation, including international negotiation, skills, and resolution.
  • Shapiro Negotiations Institute ( Shapiro Negotiations Institute is a training institute for negotiation featuring best-in-class facilitators, accessible tools, return on investment, and customized programs. The blog hosts a variety of resources to train on negotiations.
  • She Negotiates ( She negotiates was founded to help women feel comfortable negotiating in the personal, cultural, and political landscapes that affect their lives.  The blog focuses on providing resources to help women learn skills to succeed in negotiations.
  • Table Force ( Table Force is a leader in negotiation training for groups and businesses.  The blog explains the basics of negotiation and tips for becoming a better negotiation.

Top 10 Mediation Blawgs:

  • Eye on Conflict ( Eye on Conflict is a blog by Lee Jay Berman that discusses the intersection between mediation a real life.  Berman is a mediator and uses his blog to discuss the possibilities of bringing mediation techniques into real-life situations.
  • Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation ( The Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation focuses on using mediation to change the way that people approach conflict.  It also seeks to connect practitioners all over the world.
  • Kluwer Mediation Blog ( The Kluwer mediation Blog focuses on all aspects of mediation with posts covering topics such as differing opinions between lawyers and clients, regional law changes, and tips for succeeding in mediation.
  • ( has a wide variety of resources and information on all things ADR.  However, the main focus of has always been mediation and mediation practitioners.  The blogs section of the website features areas of note in mediation and how to mediate effectively.
  • Mediation Insights ( Mediation Insights is a blog by Bill Ratliff, a lawyer and mediation professor.  The blog focuses on bettering the mediation skills of practitioners and helping resolve more disputes through mediation.
  • Orlando Mediator ( Orlando Mediator is written by Lawrence Kolin, a mediator in Florida.  The blog focuses on complex cases that are settled by neutrals that are appealed to the courts.  While Mr. Kolin is based in Florida, he discusses mediation issues that arise around the country.
  • PGP Mediation ( PGP mediation is the work of Phyllis Pollack that focuses on mediation tips and issues. The blog seeks to encourage mediators to follow a facilitative approach to help the parties achieve the best result.
  • Philip Mediation ( Philip Mediation is a blog that follows the work of Sasha S. Philip, a mediator and arbitrator.  The blog posts about the latest issues in mediation and encourage mediation to settle disputes.    
  • Sanns Mediation Services ( This blog focuses on divorce mediation, specifically in New Jersey.  However, the basics of divorce mediation can be useful for anyone, so the blawg is a good resource for those interested in mediating a divorce.
  • Wakely Mediation ( Wakely Mediation focuses on mediation and negotiations.  Topics of interest on the blog include how mediation can support employee mental health, mediation dos and don’ts, and participating in a zoom mediation.

Top 10 Arbitration Blawgs:

  • ARBlog ( ARBlog is Hogan Lovells’s arbitration blog that focuses on international arbitration news, trends, and cases.  The blog provides commentary on the latest trends in arbitration.
  • Arbitration Matters ( Arbitration Matters is a blawg focused on labor arbitration.  The post reviews arbitration decisions and discusses the best tips for arbitrating a labor dispute.
  • Arbitration Nation ( Arbitration Nation connects litigators, in-house counsel, and arbitrators with resources to aid in arbitrations.  The blog focuses on issues that arise under the Federal Arbitration Act.
  • Arbitration Notes ( Arbitration Notes is a project from Herbert Smith Freehills and provides a focus on International Commercial Arbitration and other arbitration matters.
  • Arbitration USA ( Arbitration USA is an arbitration blog by Professor Imre Szalai, who is a commercial arbitrator and a leading authority in arbitration law.  The blog focuses on law developments in arbitration and facilitates his arbitration business.
  • International Arbitration ( The goal of international arbitration was to provide vital and necessary access to information on international arbitration.  Today, the site focuses on the ability of arbitration to solve disputes.
  • Kluwer Arbitration Blog ( Similar to the Mediation blog above, the arbitration blog focuses on the newest and exciting topics in arbitration, including reviews of court decisions on arbitrations, navigating the first arbitrator appointment, and how to enforce arbitration awards.   
  • Global Arbitration News ( Global Arbitration News is a publication by Baker McKenzie that focuses on arbitration around the world. The blog can be limited by geography and focus on international investment.
  • Practical Academic ( Practical Academic is a blog that focuses on both arbitration and public law, along with contract law.  While the focus is not absolutely on arbitration, it is one of the main focuses of their blog, and because the writers are outside the US, it provides an interesting perspective.
  • Securities Arbitration Alert ( The Securities Arbitration Alert is a weekly installment that focuses on the practice and process of securities and commodities arbitration.

Top 20 General ADR Blawgs:

  • ADR in Asia ( ADR in Asia provides insights on the booming industry of ADR in Asia.  The blawg is the work of Dr. Shahla Ali, whose focus is on research and practice on governance, development, and resolution of international disputes in Asia.
  • Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network ( This blog is written by a group of dispute resolution academics from Australia.  They hope to create a collaborative environment “to foster, nurture, and enrich high-quality research and scholarship.”
  • The Blog for Building Dialogue ( While not specifically an ADR-focused blog, the purpose of the blog is to help facilitators learn to encourage and find ways to create dialogues in difficult situations.  The blog focuses on resolving difficult dialogues effectively.
  • Business Conflict Blog ( The Business Conflict Blog focuses on the use of ADR processes to resolve business disputes. It is written by F. Peter Phillips, a lawyer, arbitrator, and mediator.
  • Conflict Remedy ( Conflict Remedy is a blog created by Lorraine Segal, a communication and conflict management coach.  Conflict Remedy focuses on creating workspaces that are safe places for all employees.
  • CPR Speaks ( CPR Speaks is the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution that provides information about the latest happenings in the conflict prevention and resolution world.    
  • Dispute Resolution ( The Dispute Resolution Blog is a section of Thompson Reuters Practical Law.  It focuses on new laws and practical steps for litigators and practitioners.  Some recent posts discussed virtual dispute resolution hearings.
  • Dispute Resolution Germany ( Dispute Resolution Germany provides a comprehensive look at the dispute resolution process in Germany.
  • Disputing ( Disputing is published by Karl Bayer, a mediator, arbitrator, and technical advisor.  The blog focuses on all areas of ADR, but highlights healthcare disputes and analyzes court decisions on arbitration and arbitrability.
  • Fladgate ( Fladgate’s Dispute Resolution Hub contains legal updates and news from Fladgate’s dispute resolution team. The blog discusses the different decisions of the government and how they impact ADR in the UK.
  • Indisputably ( Indisputable is a blawg featuring the work of a collection of dispute resolution law professors.  The blog covers topics from BATNA to the political approach to arbitration.  The creators have varied backgrounds in dispute resolution and provide resources as vast as their experience.
  • ICT for Peacebuilding ( ICT4Peace explores the ways that information and communications technology can be used to transform conflict and achieve peace.  The blog is written by a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Policy Alternatives from Sri Lanka who speaks from personal experience on war and human rights advocacy.
  • Just Court ADR ( Just Court ADR is a blog from Resolution Systems Institute that works to strengthen access to justice by expanding court ADR systems.  The blog focuses on resources for ADR to help make them accessible and includes research from the Institute.
  • Kingsley Napley Dispute Resolution Law Blog ( Kingsley Napley’s Dispute Resolution Law Blog is a blawg out of the United Kingdom that focuses on the ADR and its applicability within business law.
  • Lowering the Bar ( While Kevin Underhill’s blog is a general legal blog, Lowering the Bar has an extensive ADR archive.  Lowering the Bar uses humor to illustrate legal concepts and teach readers about all aspects of ADR.
  • Mapping ADR ( Mapping ADR is a resource for those looking to learn and discuss the newest innovations of ADR.  It is an initiative of Jindal Global Law School in Sonipat, India.  The website allows the reader to sort the blog posts based on the area of ADR that the reader would like to explore.
  • Miles Mediation & Arbitration ( The Miles Mediation and Arbitration Blog focuses on all kinds of mediation and arbitration issues.  They follow current trends and news and report on the best ways to deal with each issue that pops up.
  • Ombuds Blog ( The Ombuds Blog explores the world of organizational ombudsman, a confidential, independent, neutral, and informational dispute resolution resource that fits for fair processes.  The blog focuses on appointment announcements and learning about the different areas the ombuds may work in.
  • Slaw ( While not focused only on dispute resolution, Slaw, an online legal publication out of Canada, hosts a variety of columns on issues in dispute resolution in Canada.
  • Valenti Law ( Valenti Law is the work of Tom Valenti, a conflict resolution specialist.  The blog covers a wide variety of issues related to conflict resolution.  One of the latest posts focused on the ability to be a female lawyer in Kashmir.


When looking for information on negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or general ADR issues, the blogs above will provide a wide variety of resources.  These blogs are also great resources to discover current trends in ADR and find out the best tips and tricks for dispute resolution.  As always, we thank you for trusting ADR Times with this list and to provide you with resources, and we ask that you return to ADR Times to continue your research and resource gathering, as well as the latest news and trends in ADR.  If you believe another regularly updated ADR blog should be added to our list of “Top Blawgs to Follow” –  please let us know.

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