Failure to Disclose

Failure to Disclose

If you have recently bought or sold a house, you may be worried about the possibility of a failure to disclose. One of the scariest parts about buying a house is paying for all repairs and issues on your own. Not knowing about the necessary repairs before buying the house can cause animosity and questions …

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What is an Interrogatory?

What is an Interrogatory?

The interrogatory is perhaps the most basic of the discovery tools authorized by statute. Disputing parties have complained about the high cost of litigation for decades. The most significant expense during litigation is discovery — the process of obtaining sworn testimony and other evidence from opposing parties in a lawsuit. According to one study, about …

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Hostage Negotiator Training

While many people have been exposed to hostage negotiators in movies and television shows, most people would not know immediately how hostage negotiators are trained. Hostage negotiators, also called crisis negotiators, are the first people called in hostage situations or other situations where there needs to be a trained person working with those involved to …

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When a union laborer feels that their employer violates their contract, they often face the process of filing a grievance. Unfortunately, this process can often feel overwhelming and discouraging in workplaces, so many instances go unreported. For this reason, this article attempts to explain the grievance process to better aid laborers in the steps to …

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Frustration of Purpose

When creating a contract, few people imagine that they will need to use the frustration of purpose to stop performing under the contract. However, no one can foresee how things will happen as the contract moves on, and events can render the contract useless to its purpose. Contracts are agreements between two or more parties …

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Hardship Waivers

Hardship Waivers

When trying to bring a relative to the United States, they may face inadmissibility and need to consider a hardship waiver to rectify the issue. A hardship waiver allows a relative that would typically be inadmissible to enter the United States because of the extreme hardship that the relative will face if they remain abroad. …

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Arbitration Notice

The first step in arbitration is generally served on the parties (and filing with the arbitration provider) a Notice of Arbitration. However, at times (depending on the provisions of the contractual arbitration clause, the applicable arbitration rules, or legal authority), another document, such as a Notice of Appointment of Arbitrator(s), may begin the arbitral proceedings. …

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How Much Does Arbitration Cost?

How much does arbitration cost?

The arbitration process can be very beneficial, but how much will arbitration costs be? Beginning in the latter part of the 20th century, Americans sought relief from costly and time-consuming litigation, with Fortune 1000 companies leading the way. Civil litigation was a rich person’s game that even rich people didn’t want to play. In response, …

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Types of Mediation: Evaluative, Facilitative, and Transformative

Types of Mediation

Understanding the types of mediation is a vital skill when preparing for and participating in mediation.  Knowing how the mediator is operating and what skills they are using is important for the parties and their counsel to work best with the mediator and still emphasize what is an important consideration for them.  It is also …

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