What Is Dehumanization? An In-Depth Overview

What is dehumanization

What is dehumanization? Few concepts are as troubling and impactful as dehumanization in the vast landscape of human interaction, both interpersonal and societal. This phenomenon, where individuals or groups are stripped of their humanity and perceived as less than human, has profound implications. From historical atrocities to modern-day prejudices, understanding dehumanization is crucial for fostering …

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When Does Decision Making Become More Complex?

When Does Decision Making Become More Complex

There are rare instances when decision-making becomes more complex. We make thousands of tiny daily decisions, from what to eat to what to wear or which route to take home from work. Yet some decisions are more complex and involve many other factors that can interfere with our ability to decide. The complex decisions include …

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How To Become a Divorce Mediator: A Brief Guide

How To Become a Divorce Mediator

Even under the best circumstances, ending a marriage is an emotional and overwhelming experience; for those interested in helping others during this life-altering event, learning how to become a divorce mediator may be the right career path. Divorce is an ever-constant reality in our society, which is why when people think about mediation, most of …

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Can Text Messages be Used in Court? A Close Look

Can Text Messages be Used in Court?

Can text messages be used in court as evidence? More documents are created electronically than in any other fashion.  Electronic devices are everywhere. Office computers, personal computers, laptops, tablets, phones, personal electronic assistants, video doorbells, and even some cars, televisions, and refrigerators can generate, transmit, and store numerous amounts of data, including text messages.  Many …

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What Is Democratization? The Key Elements

What Is Democratization

What Is Democratization? Democratization is frequently encountered in political science, international relations, and governance. It refers to the transition from an authoritarian or non-democratic regime to a democratic system of governance. This process involves establishing and enhancing democratic institutions, practices, and values for wider participation, representation, and accountability within a society. In America, we take …

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Mediation Opening Statement: A Full Checklist

A Checklist for Mediation Opening Statements

Opening statements in mediation set the tone for the rest of the process. They open the mediation and begin the conciliatory process. The mediator and parties can set the stage for what they hope to accomplish and how they see the issues. Preparing can feel overwhelming because opening statements hold so much power for everyone involved. Having …

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What Is Distributive Justice? An Overview

what is distributive justice

In an era of social equity and fairness increasingly becoming focal points of global discourse, distributive justice emerges as a cornerstone in the quest for a more just society. But what is distributive justice exactly? At its core, distributive justice concerns the fair allocation of resources from social and economic institutions among diverse community members. …

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Understanding Procedural Justice: An Analysis

procedural justice

Legal authorities and law enforcement agencies should familiarize themselves with procedural justice theory as they strive to deliver public safety and assist crime victims procedurally fairly. In our complex and fast-paced world, justice takes on many shades, extending beyond the simple bounds of right or wrong. One key aspect of this multifaceted principle is procedural …

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Justice vs. Fairness: Analyzing the Differences

Justice vs. Fairness

Justice and fairness have been at the forefront of our minds this year in the United States. The country has been facing increased calls for justice and fairness for all Americans, regardless of the color of their skin or other characteristics. As the year has continued, many people have had to shift their ideas of …

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Most Common Conflict Examples You Should Know

Conflict Examples

This blog post will delve into common conflict examples, providing detailed samples to help you better understand their nature and implications. Understanding the different examples of conflict is vital to successful conflict resolution. Conflict is an integral part of life. It is a natural occurrence that arises from differing interests, values, or perspectives. Though it …

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