The 10 Best Negotiation Books of 2023

The 10 Best Negotiation Books of 2020

Are you looking for the best negotiation books? Most people want to get what they desire and overcome obstacles. Here is where negotiation strategies can come into play. There are countless books about negotiation skills, but which is the best option? Learning to bargain is relatively easy with the right tools. Negotiating skills are essential, …

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Positional Bargaining Explained

Positional Bargaining

Parties preparing for negotiation may need the term “positional bargaining” explained. It is a negotiation strategy used to drive the bargain and attempt to secure a possible value from a bargaining session. Many people view bargaining as a harsh and poor form of negotiation. While it is true that this style of negotiation often results …

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What Is Logroll Negotiation?

When two parties enter a negotiation, it’s often assumed that a conflict between them needs to be resolved. However, the log-rolling negotiation technique offers an alternative perspective to this approach. Log rolling is a negotiation strategy where two parties agree to make concessions on different issues so that both parties can achieve their goals and …

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Calibrated Questions: What You Need To Know

Calibrated Questions

Calibrated questions are a powerful tool to uncover deep insights and drive meaningful conversations. Invented by Marshall Goldsmith, a world-renowned executive coach, and author, calibrated questions are designed to help people reflect on their own behavior and beliefs. Unlike typical questions, calibrated questions are crafted to be both open-ended and constructed in a way that …

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Ethics In Negotiation

  Since a real-world model for ethics in negotiations doesn’t exist (yet), there is a lot of room for ethical ambiguity that can be easily exploited.  Since negotiation is an essential part of life, understanding the norms of ethics and negotiation can be incredibly useful when you are negotiating for yourself on behalf of someone else. Whether you’re …

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What is an Amicable Divorce?

Amicable Divorce

What is an amicable divorce? When a divorce process is inevitable, a couple may begin to evaluate their options to resolve their divorce inexpensively and as cooperatively as possible. This question will especially crop up when the parties are on good terms with one another but must separate their lives. An amicable divorce process may seem …

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Famous Negotiations: Insights from History’s Most Influential Deals

Negotiation has played a crucial role in human civilization. From tribes bartering goods to modern businesses striking multi-million-dollar deals to governments avoiding starting world wars, good negotiators have been essential for survival, success, and progress. Throughout history, some famous negotiations have changed the world and made headlines. These transactions have uncovered critical insights into different …

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What is an Important Driver to a Successful Negotiation?

As the saying goes “life is a series of negotiations”, with that in mind, what is an important driver to a successful negotiation (and ergo, life)? Negotiation by nature involves the ability to be persuading or influence other people. This makes conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution an easier practice. The best negotiator aims to …

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