Top 12 ADR Programs of 2021

top ADR Programs

In the second part of a series focusing on introducing the best resources on ADR, this article will look at the top 12 best law school dispute resolution programs.  Each year, US News ranks universities, law schools, and other graduate schools based on their academic strength, professors, programs, and admissions, along with a host of …

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Arbitrator Training: Becoming an Arbitrator

arbitration training

So you want to be an arbitrator and learn about arbitrator training? That’s not surprising. The US Department of Labor estimates that between now and 2029, the demand for arbitrators will grow at twice the rate expected for other occupations.  And should you reach the top of the field, you can expect to be richly …

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The Mediation Community’s Dirty Little Secret

The Mediation Community’s Dirty Little Secret

We are a great group of people, us mediators. We understand how emotions and values play into conflict, we recognize the power in a solution that fits both parties’ needs, and we approach the world with a quiet confidence that any disagreement can be resolved. I love that about us. Too bad we don’t always …

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