Two Sides to Every Story When Cultures Collide

Growing up as a kid and getting in arguments with my sisters, I always found it amazing how different my version of the story was with my sister’s version of the story when we reaccounted the facts to my Mom.  My Mom took both our versions and crafted a “judgment” whether that be, apologize, go to your room, do your sister’s chores, etc.  How could both of our versions of the same story be so different?  Working as a law clerk, I am still plagued with this question every day as I sift through discovery and read the case files to put together the complicated puzzle pieces of litigation.  I am struck by how two parties can get to the point where spending thousands of dollars and years and years embroiled in litigation is somehow better than resolving the conflict.  People are willing to give up life-long friendships or the peace of mind of having a collegial relationship with your next-door-neighbor.  Somehow humans forget that the person “across the table from them” is human too.

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