UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules

The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules are a set of procedural rules that govern the process of arbitration and the international resolution of commercial disputes.  These rules may be used both in proceedings administered by UNCITRAL or by parties and arbitrators who have chosen to use them.  They provide a framework for the arbitration process and cover …

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The Difference Between Conflicts and Disputes

Most people probably do not recognize a distinct difference between the terms “conflict” and “dispute.” However, many conflict scholars do draw a distinction between the two terms. As is unfortunately common in this field, different scholars define the terms in different ways, leading to confusion.

Syria Conflict: A Year of Deaths Mapped

The conflict in Syria continues to claim lives, over a year since the war started – especially in west of the country. This map, created for us by the team at CartoDB, uses data from Syrian Shuhada – also used by the UN – and each circle represents the number of people who died each day.

Polish Round Table Talks – Part III

In an attempt to revamp the negotiations, opposition representatives contacted their adversaries and stipulated that a negotiation was crucial for the benefit of Poland. As a result, negotiations reconvened in early March … The opposition’s actions, which probably precluded an irreconcilable impasse, are most appropriately analyzed in the context of William Ury’s “Five Steps of Breakthrough Negotiation.”

Part III will examine the specific negotiation tactics employed in the Second Official Proposal and analyze why these tactics either succeeded or failed.

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