Intergroup Conflict: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

Causes, Consequences, and Solutions for Intergroup Conflict

Intergroup conflict might arise in any workplace as various groups work together to support and further the mission and collective interests of the company. Some groups are defined by job title—the accountants, the lawyers, and the marketing team. Other groups are defined by project or subject area. Still, others may be determined by the level in the company …

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Scapegoat Theory: The Role of Prejudice

Scapegoat Theory

When blame is arbitrarily placed on a group, social psychology refers to this as the scapegoat theory or scapegoating. Throughout history, there have been examples of prejudice that has caused harm to targeted groups.  Scapegoating serves to remove the blame from oneself or society in general and place it on a more acceptable target in …

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What are the 5 Requirements for Adverse Possession?

What are the 5 Requirements for Adverse Possession

What are the 5 Requirements for Adverse Possession? Adverse possession, often referred to as squatter’s rights, is a legal principle that includes 5 requirements that allow a person to claim ownership of a property if they have occupied it for a certain period without the true owner’s permission. Though laws can vary by jurisdiction, there …

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Responding to the Types of Workplace Conflict

Types of Workplace conflict

The types of workplace conflict are universal, but the conflict resolution steps vary.  When conflicts arise, these workplace conflicts can result in decreased productivity and interfere with the culture of the team, the general work environment, or the company as a whole. Conflict in the workplace needs to be addressed quickly and efficiently to ensure …

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Navigating the Complexity of Social Conflicts

social conflicts

In our rapidly evolving global human society, social conflicts are a persistent and pervasive reality. They arise from differences in beliefs, values, interests, or desires between groups or individuals. These conflicts can range from simple disagreements in social interaction to deeply rooted systemic issues, and they play a significant role in shaping our social behavior …

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Understanding Labor Arbitration: A Comprehensive Guide

Labor Arbitration

Labor arbitration is a critical aspect of labor relations, as it plays a pivotal role in maintaining harmony within the workplace. This dispute-resolution method offers an alternative to litigation and strikes by providing a platform where labor disputes between employers and employees can be resolved amicably. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on labor …

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Hostage Negotiator Training

Most of us have only been exposed to hostage negotiations through movies and television shows, but the reality of the practice can only be experienced when we enter hostage negotiation training. Hostage negotiators, also known as crisis negotiators or a crisis negotiation team, are the first responders called in hostage situations or other difficult situations …

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Two Sides to Every Story When Cultures Collide

When Cultures Collide

By Mikita Weaver “The problem here is that there are two competing narratives of the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and they are both true – and they don’t meet!” ~Israel Politican Naomi Chazan Growing up as a kid and getting in arguments with my sisters, I always found it amazing how different my version …

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Europe’s Burqa Ban

Burqa Ban

By Mikita Weaver The burqa is not a sign of religion. It is a sign of subservience . It will not be welcome on the territory of the French Republic.  ~French President Nicolas Sarkozy Europe is deeply embroiled in a raging conflict over something quite small and ordinary: a simple piece of cloth that some …

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Conflict Consciousness

Conflict Consciousness

By Mikita Weaver In 2010, Uganda was usurped in a conflict regarding anti-homosexual legislation and a clause mandating the death penalty. Rwanda contemplated criminalizing homosexuality until rapid-fire global campaign spread via internet forcing Paul Kagame’s government to announce that they would not be intervening in the private lives of its citizens.  Today, Malawi faces the …

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