What’s In Your Cup?

When sitting around the mediation table, sometimes it pays to be intentional about your choice of drink. It may be a source of comfort for the parties. It may bring calm. It may bring peace between the parties if only for a moment and possibly create a space for resolution.There is something soothing about sitting down and having a cup of your favorite beverage. Nothing soothes the soul like a cup of tea when you are feeling stressed out; a cup of coffee as you peruse the morning news; a glass of wine to compliment a home-cooked meal; your favorite ale while watching your favorite sports team on TV; or a glass of cider or hot-chocolate to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. In day to day life, it is easy to become overwhelmed with our hectic schedules. It becomes necessary to sit down, relax, and enjoy a moment of peace with your favorite drink. In that silence, there is calm.

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