Who are Labor Arbitrators?

labor arbitrators

Workplace disputes and collective bargaining issues are often resolved by a specialized type of arbitrator called a labor arbitrator.  While many arbitrators will cover a wide variety of subject matters and bring their own experience to their arbitrations, labor arbitrators often go through specialized training and bring specific experience to help resolve the intricate and …

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The Role of Outside Counsel 

Outside Counsel 

Legal spending by corporations will almost certainly continue to tighten in 2022.  The days of unlimited corporate legal budgets have been gone for some time, as companies have worked to rein in their legal spending in the face of skyrocketing costs.  These efforts have taken many forms. The key to many of the cost-cutting measures …

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How to Prepare for a Real Estate Arbitration?

Real Estate Arbitration

How to prepare for a real estate arbitration? When problems arise in buying or selling real estate, many participants have started to turn to real estate arbitration and mediation.  Buying and selling real estate is a big decision, whether it is a family home or a giant corporate center.  Negotiating and agreeing on a price …

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Emotional Abuse in the Workplace

Emotional abuse in the workplace

Emotional abuse in the workplace is a phenomenon that affects many workers around the world.  For those suffering from workplace abuse, life can become incredibly difficult or impossible, turning dream jobs into nightmares.  Emotional abuse can be vicious because it can be difficult to detect if it is not blatant, much like adults may not …

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How to Find the Best Mediation Jobs Opportunities?

Mediation Jobs

Well, your classes are complete. You are a fully qualified mediator. Can you make a good living mediating?  Where can you even find a job as a mediator? What training do I need to be a mediator? Technically, you don’t need any training to be a mediator. If you have helped friends, family or even …

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What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict Coaching

When an individual is facing a conflict and is struggling to determine how to deal with the conflict, conflict coaching may be a great opportunity to learn about conflict resolution and master skills to make resolving the conflict a more ascertainable goal.  Conflict coaching is a one-on-one experience where a professional works with an individual …

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A Difficult Personality and How to Soothe The Beast

Difficult Personality

We’ve all dealt with a “difficult personality.” This is the person we are afraid to run into on the elevator at work, the family member who never fails to offend, or the jerk at the furniture store who refuses to refund your money on a delivery that was never made.The difficult personality is a confounding …

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Dispute Resolution Systems Design

Dispute Resolution Systems Design

Increasingly, corporations recognize the value of a Program for managing workplace conflict that precludes litigation. These systems are designed by trained ADR consultants retained by the company on a contract basis. In order to implement such a Program, there must first be broad “buyin” from all segments of labor and management. Design consultants must therefore …

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Unleashing The Healing Benefits of an Effective Workplace Investigation

Unleashing The Healing Benefits of an Effective Workplace Investigation

The average working American devotes more time to work than to family, leisure, or even sleep.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, time spent working beats time spent sleeping by an entire hour. Given the amount of time and energy we spend at work—plus the fact that conflict is a frequent and natural byproduct of …

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High Conflict Personality

High Conflict Personality

If you have ever been in a conflict with a person who seems keener on continuing and escalating the conflict than resolving it, you may be dealing with a high conflict personality. High conflict people and personalities are not the easiest personalities to have conversations or conflict with, especially if you need to resolve the …

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