Emotions In Mediation

Bob had been Fred’s client for a long time.  Normally, he was low-key and easy-going. Not today.  He was angry and it showed.  His wife Keiko sat teary-eyed and sniffling next to him.‘Fred, I want you to make George Stevens’ life a misery, do you hear me?”

“I hear you, Bob. But I don’t get it.  Sure, your tenant left the property a shambles.  But Stevens is more than able to pay any damages. His lawyer is a friend of mine.  We can probably settle by the end of the month.  Why so upset?”

Keiko spoke for the first time: “Fred, you remember garden?”

Fred smiled at the thought of Keiko’s peaceful and precise Japanese garden. “Of course I do, Keiko. I especially love the koi pond.”

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