Common Problem-Solving Models & How to Use Them

Problem-Solving Models

Problem–solving models are step-by-step processes that provide a framework for addressing challenges. Problems arise in every facet of life. From work. to home. to friends and family, problems and conflicts can make life difficult and interfere with our physical and mental well-being. Understanding how to approach problems when they arise and implementing problem-solving techniques can …

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Problem Solving Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Problem Solving Process

Problem-solving is a skill that can be honed and perfected, therefore a basic problem-solving process is essential to this skillset. Every day, we’re confronted with problems—some are small; others might seem insurmountable.  But before you can begin honing problem-solving skills, you have to learn an effective problem-solving process. You can’t always solve problems with the …

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The Art of Decision Making: Improving Decision-Making Skills

decision making skills

Decision-making is a crucial skill, one that sets successful individuals apart. Whether it’s deciding on a career path, making an investment, or even choosing what to have for dinner, every day, we make numerous decisions that shape our lives. Developing effective decision-making skills can lead to improved satisfaction and success in all areas of life. …

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EEOC Mediation: Understanding the Process

EEOC Mediation

The EEOC mediation process has helped settle many employment discrimination claims. The EEOC is responsible for investigating and enforcing federal employment discrimination laws, and these investigations or dispute resolutions are called claims.  During this investigation process, the parties can agree to participate in mediation to help resolve the claim quickly. The term “mediation” refers to a …

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Responding to the Types of Workplace Conflict

Types of Workplace conflict

The types of workplace conflict are universal, but the conflict resolution steps vary.  When conflicts arise, these workplace conflicts can result in decreased productivity and interfere with the culture of the team, the general work environment, or the company as a whole. Conflict in the workplace needs to be addressed quickly and efficiently to ensure …

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What is a Special Master? Exploring the Role

What is a special master

What is a Special Master? Special Masters have made their way into common discourse with the rise of appointments in cases covered nationally. In fact, the most common known example of a special master comes from the recent trial of Donald J. Trump. Trump’s legal team requested to appoint a special master to review the …

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Defining Partiality: Recognize it When You See it

Defining Partiality

How can we truly go about defining partiality? Partiality is the unfair bias that we display for ourselves and other people with whom we stand in some personal relationships. It still remains a central theme in philosophy, as well as in practice, particularly the legal practice. Within the alternative dispute resolution sphere, the word partiality, …

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What is Mediation? Understanding the ADR Process

What is mediation

What is mediation? Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that uses a trained, neutral third party to assist two conflicting parties into mutually acceptable solutions. Mediation has become a popular option for resolving disputes. It helps take the disputing parties outside of court proceedings and into a space to focus on finding a mutually …

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What Is a Scheduling Conflict?

Scheduling Conflict

A scheduling conflict occurs when two or more activities or events are planned for the same time period, making it impossible for an individual or a team to attend both. Schedule conflicts are a common issue in professional settings, where meetings, deadlines, and tasks often overlap. A scheduling conflict can also occur in personal life, …

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