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Signature Resolution

When looking for help in resolving a dispute in the Los Angeles and San Diego area, Signature Resolution provides a vast array of services and neutrals that help resolve disputes in a sophisticated, comfortable, and private environment.   The company’s mission is to provide an enhanced dispute resolution experience for clients through a higher standard of quality and hospitality.  Signature Resolution seeks to provide the best spaces and neutrals in the dispute resolution realm and hopes to keep its mission, principles, and values at the heart of everything they do. 

This article will look at the history of Signature Resolution, its guiding principles, the services it provides, and briefly at the Arbitration Rules governing arbitrations at Signature Resolution.  

The History of Signature Resolution

Signature Resolution was founded in 2017 by four retired Los Angeles superior court judges with a wide breadth of experience as neutrals—Hon. Enrique Romero, Hon. Michael A. Latin, Hon. Louis M. Meisinger, and Hon. Richard A. Stone; and Dario Higuchi, veteran ADR operations manager.  The four judges and neutrals felt that the traditional dispute resolution space lacked a certain standard of quality and hospitality that was necessary to help clients and attorneys feel comfortable during disputes. 

Thus began the journey of establishing and growing the Signature Resolution in Los Angeles.  The company began under the name Benchmark Resolution Group but rebranded as Signature Resolution in 2018 to broaden its reach.  

Since it was founded only four short years ago, the company has steadily grown, adding some of the most accomplished and dedicated neutrals in the field with experience over a wide range of practice areas.  Additionally, as the pandemic evolved, Signature Resolution has been able to expand its service area to help offer neutrals nationwide with family law and all ther services. Signature Resolution risk professionals seek to provide premium talent and amenities that serve clients and attorneys while ensuring that the principles of the company are upheld.  

The Principles at the Heart

The mission of Signature Resolution is to “enhance the dispute resolution experience for clients and attorneys by setting the new standard for quality and hospitality.”

The company values panels that resolve matters effectively and pragmatically with an emphasis on dedication and unrivaled service that drives the amenities of the company forward.  At the heart of everything,

Signature alternative dispute resolution is a commitment to the highest of standards while holding the principles of ethics, innovation, neutrality, experience, commitment, and results.  Not only are neutrals held to these standards, but every employee who works for the company is encouraged to let these principles guide their career. 


Attorneys and judges are held to a high bar of ethics as demonstrated in the various rules of professional conduct.  Signature Resolution seeks not only to meet the ethical standards but to ensure that each resolution that occurs through Signature is done without a question of the ethics of the company.  


Signature Resolution was created to raise the bar for alternative dispute resolution so it comes as no surprise that the company would uphold innovation and creativity as a principle of their ethos.  Signature neutrals seek to find innovative and creative ways to resolve cases and serve attorneys and clients.  


Because Signature Resolution seeks to create a welcoming and comfortable space for clients and attorneys, it also upholds the principle of neutrality.  For clients and attorneys to feel comfortable using their services, neutrality must be guaranteed.  If a client or attorney feels that they were treated unfairly, it could undermine the confidence in Signature Resolution. 


Although Signature Resolution is a fairly new service provider, the experience that the neutrals bring to the table is unmatched.  Many of the neutrals have spent years as judges, while other neutrals are some of the most sought-after attorneys in the area.  Signature values the experience and knowledge that the people bring to the firm.  


Achieving resolution and the desired result requires a commitment to the process and the team.  When neutrals are participating in a dispute resolution mechanism, they must be committed to using the whole process and encouraging the parties to commit as well to gain the best experience for everyone involved.  


By upholding results as one of the key principles of Signature, the firm seeks to remind their neutrals and their clients that results are as important to them. While the exact results of a dispute may not be the most desired outcome, the parties can leave knowing that they used every possible measure to achieve the results.  

In addition to these values, Signature Resolution is also deeply committed to the communities in which it serves and participates and contributes to organizations that support minority and underprivileged communities.  

Services Provided

In Signature Resolution’s quest to raise the standard, they have developed three key services that they provide to clients.  These services focus on the resolution of disputes, from beginning to end, but each service focuses on a different aspect of the process and helps to drive the goals of the organization. 

The services offered by Signature Resolution include: 


Signature Resolution has built its brand around building a panel of esteemed and sought-after neutrals with a variety of experiences.  The practice areas covered by their panel include entertainment, family law, civil rights, commercial and business litigation, employment, real estate, personal injury, and professional liability.  Signature charges their neutrals with the task of resolving disputes effectively and pragmatically while upholding the principles of the firm. 

Besides their experience as neutrals, the panel at Signature is comprised of retired judges from different levels of court and a variety of the best attorneys in the area.  


One of the key aspects of the Signature Resolution experience is the space in which the dispute resolution takes place.  Signature has three offices in Southern California—Los Angeles, Century City, and San Diego—and has curated an experience in the office that is unrivaled, including amenities and space.  There are conference rooms, lounges, and private rooms in all of the offices and even a courtroom in the Century City location.  The space aims to help clients and attorneys feel comfortable with the location and can focus solely on their dispute resolution.  

Concierge Service

Along with the physical spaces, each office also offers concierge services and a team of professionals to help organize the meetings and help the event run smoothly.  This adds a level of sophistication to the experience that is not present in many other offices.  The concierge service seeks to ensure that any needs of the clients and attorneys are met, as well as ensuring that the neutral or neutrals feel confident in the space and ready to work toward a resolution. 

Signature has sought to expand this service into the virtual space as much of the world transitions online.  While the clients may not be able to meet in the physical spaces, they will have access to the other services that set Signature apart.  

In providing these services, Signature Resolution has raised the standard of care when it comes to providing a dispute resolution service to clients.  By ensuring that their clients are comfortable and taken care of, the parties and the neutrals can focus on the resolution at hand.  In addition to these services, Signature also provides training and marketing services to their neutrals and provides arbitration rules for their arbitrations. 

Arbitration Rules

While it is not one of the main services that Signature Resolution provides, the firm also provides rules that govern any arbitrations that take place under the Signature umbrella.  These rules were created with the firm and have been updated regularly, with the most recent update in June 2020.  The rules allow the arbitrators conducting arbitration through Signature Resolution and the clients to know and understand the process before the arbitration begins. 

These rules provide a procedural outline of arbitration and allow the parties to fall back on these rules when they have not reached an agreement on aspects like the arbitrator or applicable law.  Additionally, it provides accountability to arbitrators through review, correction, exclusions, and sanctions.  The Rules ensure that arbitrations are run to the standard desired by Signature Resolution risk professionals.


If looking to resolve a dispute with an experienced neutral in the Southern California area or virtually, Signature Resolution is a wonderful place to go.  Having access to experienced and vetted neutrals while participating in alternative dispute resolution in a comfortable and supplicated setting cannot be matched with other dispute resolution experiences. 

Signature Resolution holds the values of ethics, innovation, neutrality, experience, commitment, and results while seeking to raise the standard when it comes to dispute resolution services.  No matter what the dispute, the Signature Resolution panel press will ensure that you receive the best care possible while working to resolve it.  

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