Valid Reasons to Get Out of a Subpoena

Valid reasons to get out of a subpoena

Finding a Way Out of a Subpoena After receiving a subpoena, the first thing many people wonder is what some valid reasons they could use to get out of a subpoena are.  Being served with a subpoena can be an intimidating process if someone has not encountered it before, and not following the directions correctly …

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A Checklist for Mediation Opening Statements

Opening statements in mediation set the tone for the rest of the mediation process. They open the mediation and begin the conciliatory process. Both the mediator and parties have the opportunity to set the stage for what they hope to accomplish and how they see the issues at hand. Because they hold so much power …

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Med-Arb May Be Right For Your Business Dispute

Med-Arb is a long-standing and robust practice that combines the flexibility and self-determination inherent in mediation with the certainty and finality of arbitration. Med-Arb has become widely used in the last decade. A survey performed by David Lipsky and Ronald Seeber found that an astonishing forty percent of responding Fortune 1,000 corporations had engaged in …

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Merger & Acquisitions and Mediation

Management studies suggest that only one out of six mergers, acquisitions, or spin offs fulfill their purpose. More often than not, the resulting company experiences organizational failures after the merger. The participant companies simply do not get along. Management theorists believe mergers that are successful are generally the product of interactive planning by the stakeholders. …

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The Courtroom vs. The Boxing Ring

Two key points: First, to be successful, a boxer must first become desensitized to the effects of inflicting injury on others. Secondly, the boxer must accept personal risk with every fight. As a litigation attorney and a writer, the boxing world is full of parallels to my profession. Many key psychological aspects of boxing are very similar to that of litigation.

What Matters Most At Impasse

I remember reading a piece by a newspaper columnist who described the process by which someone in that field can finally claim to have mastered the trade. The aspiring newspaper columnist starts with a head full of ideas. He might even have rough drafts or outlines for many weeks’ worth of columns in a bottom …

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Arbitrating Employment Disputes 

Employment arbitration statistics show that arbitration is on the rise as a mechanism to resolve employment disputes.  However, this process has received criticism from employees and those who protect them because it can provide an unfair advantage to employers and may remove the rights of employees to use the courts to resolve their dispute.  The …

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What are Four Types of Out of Court Settlements?

Out-of-court settlements are becoming a common goal in a variety of disputes.  Due to the amount of time and energy that is required to take a dispute through litigation, many businesses, and parties, in general, are turning to alternative dispute resolution to keep issues out of the courts.  But many people are unaware of the …

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