Mediation Opening Statement: A Full Checklist

A Checklist for Mediation Opening Statements

Opening statements in mediation set the tone for the rest of the process. They open the mediation and begin the conciliatory process. The mediator and parties can set the stage for what they hope to accomplish and how they see the issues. Preparing can feel overwhelming because opening statements hold so much power for everyone involved. Having …

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A Notice of Arbitration: What You Should Know

Arbitration Notice

The first step in arbitration is generally serving the parties (and filing with the arbitration provider) a Notice of Arbitration. However, depending on the provisions of the contractual arbitration clause, the applicable arbitration rules, or legal authority, another document, such as a Notice of Appointment of Arbitrator(s), may begin the arbitration proceedings. But what must …

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Binding Mediation: An Affordable ADR Option

Binding mediation combines elements of mediation and arbitration to help parties resolve disputes effectively and efficiently. It is often called mediation arbitration or med-arb. In this process, the parties agree to submit the dispute to mediation. Still, if an agreement cannot be reached, the mediator becomes an arbitrator, issues a decision on damages, and binds the …

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Demand for Arbitration: What You Should Know

Demand for Arbitration

When a party wants to begin the arbitration process, they usually create and send a demand for arbitration. A demand for arbitration will start the process as the parties have agreed upon. Those on the receiving end may or may not understand what the process means, but they will quickly be immersed in the world of …

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Claims and Counterclaims Examples

Understanding Counterclaims Examples

Exploring examples of counterclaims can be beneficial in helping a party understand what issues they can raise against someone who has brought a civil lawsuit against them and how they may try and recover against the same party.  It can also help a party understand when they may have to bring the counterclaim at that …

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What is Interest-Based Negotiation?

Interest-Based Negotiation

When the parties use interest-based negotiation, they often reach an agreement that all of them are content with walking away from the table. This is because they focus on identifying interests and creating value for each other as they negotiate. This article will outline the technique of conflict resolution, how it is used, and why …

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What is Conflict Coaching? A Detailed Guide

Conflict Coaching

When an individual is facing a conflict and struggling to deal with it, conflict coaching may be an excellent opportunity to learn about conflict resolution and master skills to make resolving the conflict a more ascertainable goal. Conflict coaching is a one-on-one experience where a professional works with an individual to help them manage and …

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Signature Resolution: Elevated and Sophisticated

Signature Resolution

When looking for help in resolving a dispute in the Los Angeles and San Diego area, Signature Resolution provides a vast array of services and neutrals that help resolve disputes in a sophisticated, comfortable, and private environment.   The company’s mission is to provide an enhanced dispute resolution experience for clients through a higher standard …

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Intergroup Conflict: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

Causes, Consequences, and Solutions for Intergroup Conflict

Intergroup conflict might arise in any workplace as various groups work together to support and further the mission and collective interests of the company. Some groups are defined by job title—the accountants, the lawyers, and the marketing team. Other groups are defined by project or subject area. Still, others may be determined by the level in the company …

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How to Detect & Prevent Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage

Corporate espionage is defined as stealing proprietary information, trade secrets, or intellectual property from a business and selling it to another. When we think of spies and espionage, we do not immediately think of a disgruntled worker selling the formula for a product to another company. However, this form of espionage is one of the …

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