Intergroup Conflict: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

Causes, Consequences, and Solutions for Intergroup Conflict

Intergroup conflict might arise in any workplace, as there are a variety of groups working together to support and further the mission of the company. Some groups are defined by job title—the accountants, the lawyers, the marketing team. Other groups are defined by project or subject area. Still, others may be defined by the level …

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Mediation vs. Litigation

Mediation vs. Litigation

For those facing the need to resolve a dispute, they may return to the common question of whether mediation or litigation is the best option to resolve the dispute.  Comparing the two processes will often result in a lot of differences, and the types of resolution are very distinct.  However, this does not intrinsically mean …

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Avoiding Construction Liens

Avoiding Construction Liens

The excitement and joy of building a new home can quickly be overshadowed by a construction lien, or as it is more commonly known, a mechanic’s lien. Construction liens exist because it guarantees that a contractor will be paid for the work and materials that they put into a home or building. It allows a …

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Who are the Sole Beneficiaries of Business?

Who are the Sole Beneficiaries of Business

Benefitting from Business Trusts When considering a trust for a business, an entrepreneur may have questions such as who are the sole beneficiaries and the trustees of a business trust.  Trusts come with a whole host of new languages and considerations that need to be made.  Placing a business in a trust can be beneficial …

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Understanding Counterclaims – Examples from ADR Times

Understanding Counterclaims Examples

Exploring examples of counterclaims can be beneficial in helping a party understand what issues they can raise against someone who has brought a civil lawsuit against them and how they may try and recover against the same party.  It can also help a party understand when they may have to bring the counterclaim at that …

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Valid Reasons to Get Out of a Subpoena

Valid reasons to get out of a subpoena

Finding a Way Out of a Subpoena After receiving a subpoena, the first thing many people wonder is what some valid reasons they could use to get out of a subpoena are.  Being served with a subpoena can be an intimidating process if someone has not encountered it before, and not following the directions correctly …

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Who are Labor Arbitrators?

labor arbitrators

Workplace disputes and collective bargaining issues are often resolved by a specialized type of arbitrator called a labor arbitrator.  While many arbitrators will cover a wide variety of subject matters and bring their own experience to their arbitrations, labor arbitrators often go through specialized training and bring specific experience to help resolve the intricate and …

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What Happens if You Lose in Arbitration?

What Happens if You Lose in Arbitration?

When arbitration is all said and done, there is always going to be a party who feels like they lost the arbitration.  This party will often need to consider what happens when they lose and whether there is anything they can do to contest the award.  Arbitration is often the end of the road because …

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Demand for Arbitration

Demand for Arbitration

When a party is looking to begin the process of arbitration, they will usually create and send a demand for arbitration.  A demand for arbitration is what will start the arbitration process as the parties have agreed upon.  Those on the receiving end may or may not understand what the process means, but they will …

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NAM: National Arbitration and Mediation

NAM: National Arbitration and Mediation

  When people are seeking out alternative dispute resolution services in the United States, many will look straight to NAM: National Arbitration and Mediation.  NAM has regularly been recognized as the leading alternative dispute resolution provider in the United States has provided exceptional service for almost 30 years.  The services provided by NAM and the …

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