How Do I Deal With My Narcissistic Boss

How Do I Deal With My Narcissistic Boss

Is the most common complaint I get about high conflict people in the workplace. They are everywhere, and seem to be increasing these days – from the lowest supervisor to the self-destructive owner of the business. They generally seek positions over others in order to help themselves feel better about themselves – because unconsciously they …

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Handling Domestic Violence For Families

The High Conflict Institute has developed a new method for handling high conflict family law cases, titled New Ways for Families™More information is available at our website. The purpose of this article is to address how New Ways can be used in domestic violence cases to reduce the conflict between the parents, move both parents …

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Left Brain vs Right Brain Conflict Resolution

Left Brain and Right Brain Conflict Resolution

Our brains are mostly divided into two hemispheres. They each have their own way of responding to conflicts, although there is some overlap. Our brains are really a combination of parts that serve different purposes. They take turns in dominating our thinking at times and generally work together – just as we have many muscles in our arms that work together rather than just one muscle.

Strategic Questions For Dispute Resolvers

Strategic Questions For Dispute Resolvers

Asking questions is one of the most powerful – and often misused – tools for professionals in dispute resolution settings, whether legal, workplace, mediation or anywhere. When you are dealing with high-conflict clients, it is especially important to consider the timing of different types of questions and also to know what questions you should never ask. 

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