Divorce Mediation Checklist

Divorce mediation checklist

Our divorce mediation checklist will help you go through the divorce mediation checklist and negotiation process. When it’s time to divorce, there may be an urge to try and put the marriage entirely behind you. However, your life will probably be entangled with your spouse’s for a long time, especially if the marriage was long …

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Divorce Mediation Cost – Ultimate Guide

divorce mediation cost

Divorce mediation cost It is important to understand divorce mediation costs when considering divorce mediation.  divorce mediation process can be a difficult and confusing and one that you pay a lot for. Divorce mediation cost are important to understand and consider, especially because divorce mediation is often presented as the cheaper option. This is not …

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Handling Domestic Violence For Families

Handling Domestic Violence - ADR Times

By Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. The High Conflict Institute has developed a new method for handling high conflict family law cases, titled New Ways for Families™ The purpose of this article is to address how New Ways can be used in domestic violence cases to reduce the conflict between the parents, move both parents closer …

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Dealing with the Pains of Divorce through Meaningful and Complete Apology

Complete Apology in Divorce - ADR Times

By Dina Haddad, Esq., LL.M. If you are contemplating divorce, in the midst of a divorce, or already have a divorce decree in hand, you know pressures of the legal process do not compare to the emotional turmoil you are experiencing. The emotional pressures can be quelled when you give a meaningful and complete apology. …

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Successful Post-Dissolution Co-Parenting: The Mediator’s Role

Successful Post-Dissolution Co-Parenting - ADR Times

By Scott C. Van Soye People often think of divorce as the end of a relationship between spouses. In some cases, it may be. But the reality is that where there are minor children from the marriage, a relationship—though changed—endures until the youngest child reaches adulthood. Learning to deal with this new reality is a …

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Orchestrating Settlement – A Symphony of Sound and Color

Orchestrating Settlement - ADR Times

By Mikita Weaver This fall I attended one of the outdoor concerts by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Symphony at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a spectacular affair—beginning with the wonderful sounds of classical music and ending with a fantastic light show. The concert featured a local university marching band as well as a guest appearance …

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Bird Nesting Divorce: Shuttle Parenting

Bird Nesting Divorce

Bird nesting is a way that couples have sought to lessen the effects of divorce on their children.  Divorce is often a time of stress and change for both the couple and their children.  Often one of the changes that the couple needs to grow into is the separate living situations, which can often be …

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Marriage Mediator: Why do You Need One?

Marriage Mediator

When couples are facing issues with their marriage and are starting to consider divorce, a marriage mediator may be an answer to saving the marriage that the couple did not know existed.  While most people associate mediation and marriages with divorce mediation, there is a growing practice with mediators stepping in before the parties are …

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Divorce Without Court Explained

Divorce Without Court

Navigating a divorce can be intimidating, especially if the couple is hoping to get divorced without court.  When you remove the oversight of a court case from a divorce, it can feel overwhelming to determine how and when things will be completed.  Some many considerations and decisions need to be made by two people that …

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