The Truth About Divorce: Financial and Emotional Impacts with ADR Times

The Truth About Divorce: Financial and Emotional Impacts with ADR Times

The Truth About Divorce: Financial and Emotional Impacts with ADR Times Divorce can have a profound impact on the emotional and mental health of several women, men, and children around the globe. In this article, we will discuss what that impact is, as well as how divorces may impact the well-being of young children and …

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How Do We Tell The Kids About Divorce?

Two of the most frequent questions asked by parents who decide to divorce is, “What should we tell the children?” and “How should we tell them?” Most parents feel anxious before  telling their children about the pending divorce.  The task can generate feelings of guilt, sadness, anger and shame. Parents want to protect their children from the pain of divorce, and especially from seeing themselves as the reason their parents divorced.

Navigating the Emotional Stages of Divorce

Divorce is accompanied by a myriad of emotions, big and small. While each divorce stirs up different emotions depending on the individual situation, there are some similarities in the stages that people will go through as a divorce is approaching and carried through. These emotions are often broken up into six stages—disillusionment, dissatisfaction, decision, initiation, …

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Where to Start When You are Getting a Divorce

When a marriage begins to break down, whether suddenly or over time, many considerations need to be addressed. On top of changing your private life, learning to take care of your children on your own, and moving and selling the marital home and property, the pair may need to navigate the court system for the …

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Mediation With High-Conflict Couples

Divorce litigation can be a complicated matter both in legal and personal terms. Regardless of intentions, the separation process is rarely straightforward. This is even truer in cases where custody is contested. Let’s discuss the many moving parts that make divorce litigation uniquely complex while also highlighting the potential for mediation and negotiation. At ADR …

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I Want A Divorce – But Is Getting a Divorce the Best Option?

Most people who go after a divorce falsely presume that once they file the divorce papers, they can quickly go on with their lives and get away from conflict and turmoil. In reality, if two individuals go into a divorce without acceptance of the divorce situation, this can spell out trouble for all parties involved. Without proper acceptance of the situation of the divorce, both parties will be unable and unwilling to let go of their finances or the past. For this reason, couples seeking a divorce should first ask themselves a few important questions to ensure that the divorce process goes along as smoothly as possible.

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