What is Business Litigation?

business litigation

Business litigation is the process of presenting issues with business and corporate entities to the courts and arguing on behalf of business entities in court.  There are a variety of topics that may be the subject of business litigation, and many business litigation lawyers are experts in one of these areas.  These business litigation disputes …

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Face Negotiation Theory in Action

Face Negotiation Theory

Let’s take a deeper look into a Face Negotiation Theory. Have you ever been in a negotiation or conversation with someone where you suddenly notice yourself taking on a defensive stance to protect yourself? Maybe you have been more willing to give in a negotiation to help the other person or preserve what you believe …

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What is the Meaning of Impasse in Dispute Resolution?

impasse meaning

The word impasse has a particular meaning when it applies to alternative dispute resolution.  The Collins English Dictionary defines the noun impasse by describing a situation, particularly, “If people are in a difficult position in which it is impossible to make any progress, you can refer to the situation as an impasse.”  While the meaning …

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A Difficult Personality and How to Soothe The Beast

Difficult Personality

We’ve all dealt with a “difficult personality.” This is the person we are afraid to run into on the elevator at work, the family member who never fails to offend, or the jerk at the furniture store who refuses to refund your money on a delivery that was never made.The difficult personality is a confounding …

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Profound New Insights on Conflict and Client Psychology

Profound New Insights on Conflict and Client Psychology

As a kid I used to enjoy looking through glasses of water at the objects beyond because, depending upon the shape of the glass or the flow of the water, the images became distorted, bent, and often produced some pretty funny results. What I didn’t realize at the time was that with or without a …

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High Conflict Personality

High Conflict Personality

If you have ever been in a conflict with a person who seems keener on continuing and escalating the conflict than resolving it, you may be dealing with a high conflict personality. High conflict people and personalities are not the easiest personalities to have conversations or conflict with, especially if you need to resolve the …

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The Negotiation Dance: 5 Reasons Not To Sit Out

The Negotiation Dance

Negotiating price (or a settlement amount) can be a long and frustrating process.Think about the last time you bought a car. Exhausting, wasn’t it? And yet research has shown that the outcome is often predictable. Professor Peter Robinson of Pepperdine University reports that such negotiations usually end with an agreement about halfway between the first …

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Buddah’s Brain: Neuroscience’s Lessons for Better Conflict Resolution

Buddah's Brain

The book Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom was published in 2009 by Dr. Rick and Hanson and Dr. Richard Mendius with the intention of blending the latest findings in neuropsychology with a general framework for healthy living. The piece was designed to be a comprehensible, accessible book aimed at helping …

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Power in Negotiation

Power in Negotiation

Physics defines power as work divided by time. Work, in turn, is the application of force in a direction. Power, then, can be thought of as the ability to get things moving (more) quickly in a desired direction. The same definition applies in social interactions like negotiation.  Power is the ability to get desired things …

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Ten Strategies for Managing Stress

Ten Strategies for Managing Stress

I am now an author, holistic mediator, and life-coach, but when I was practicing law, I had more than one case that drove me to the edge. My body is now recovering from the impact of the stress of my legal practice. The law is a profession that is hard on the adrenals. Even in …

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