How Much Does Arbitration Cost?

How much does arbitration cost?

The arbitration process can be very beneficial, but how much will arbitration costs be? Beginning in the latter part of the 20th century, Americans sought relief from costly and time-consuming litigation, with Fortune 1000 companies leading the way. Civil litigation was a rich person’s game that even rich people didn’t want to play. In response, …

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Judicial Self-Restraint

What is the job of a judge, and how should he or she go about it? Is it only to interpret and apply the law, or is their role to “do justice”? The answers to these questions are important because the law affects many parts of our daily lives.  Therefore, how it is applied is …

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Is Mediation Mandatory?

Requiring parties to participate in mediation before a lawsuit is becoming more common, but it has many parties questioning if mediation is mandatory and what the implication of making it mandatory is doing to the mediation process.  Mediation was created as an alternative process to litigation to help the parties attempt to resolve their disputes …

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AAA Employment Arbitration Rules Explained

AAA Employment Arbitration Rules

AAA Employment rules have been a hot topic for decades regarding the enforceability and fairness of the pre-dispute arbitration clauses in the employment context. AAA Employment rules have been a hot topic for decades. The issue is of huge practical importance because, depending on which study one believes, between twenty and forty percent of American workers …

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Average Settlement Offers During Mediation – Best Tips for 2022

Average settlement offers during mediation

Average settlement offers during mediation are an important consideration when a party is considering using mediation to settle a lawsuit. Combining this knowledge with other tips and tricks for settling a lawsuit through mediation can ensure that a party is prepared to tackle a mediation during a lawsuit and achieve the best possible outcome. Having …

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What is Business Litigation?

business litigation

Business litigation is the process of presenting issues with business and corporate entities to the courts and arguing on behalf of business entities in court.  There are a variety of topics that may be the subject of business litigation, and many business litigation lawyers are experts in one of these areas.  These business litigation disputes …

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What is the Purpose of the Bilateral Investment Treaty?

It is unlikely that one can make it through a discussion about international investment without considering the impact of bilateral investment treaties.  Bilateral investment treaties, or BITs, offer a higher level of protection, and options for dispute resolution, than investments without such treaties. Yet a person investing in their own country without much, or any, …

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