Defining Partiality

Defining Partiality

How to define partiality? Within the alternative dispute resolution sphere, the word partiality, or more commonly impartiality, is used often, but for some new to the field, it can be difficult to define.  I t often feels like a type of action that would normally be easily identifiable, but in the world of alternative dispute …

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Framing And Reframing

Nicole was frustrated: “I know I’m behind on the rent – business is slow and I can’t afford $9,000 a month for this place! George needs to get real! He’s made a ton of money from me.  He needs to stop being so greedy… I only can pay $7,000 a month… at least until business …

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Creating a Better ICSID

In improving the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the following competing interests must be considered: need to promote efficiency, need to unify the diverse jurisprudence of international investments, and need to promote investments abroad.  Jack Coe wrote the following: “Sustained momentum toward an award is also often countered by the need to …

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Communication Problems

There may be a communication problem when the workplace is missing the flow and is just not working the way it should. Workplaces are a common spot for communication issues to pop up. Coworkers are often not privy to each other’s communication styles, and pressure surrounding projects can cause a breakdown. These issues, if left …

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