7 Tips to Victory in High-Stakes Negotiations

High-stakes negotiations are also often high-stress situations for those who stand to profit from the negotiation.  A large portion of professionals and employees in the United States are not comfortable in negotiations and lack the confidence to negotiate effectively.  This lack of confidence can impact negotiations as the participants may hold back or feel as …

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An Introduction to The Five Stages of Mediation

Jim and John had been successful design partners for six years. The business had grown from the two of them to twelve engineers. Now Jim wanted to accept an acquisition offer, but John wanted to expand while they could buy new buildings cheaply.  If the impasse continued, both opportunities would expire. Jim was bitter and …

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The Simple Act of Kindness in Mediation

Last weekend was Father’s Day and I took note of two stories that seemed useful in mediation. The first, was on CBS Sunday Morning where the editorial piece reflected upon how student athletes, from Little League through College, end each game, however hard fought, with a handshake and a “high five”. 

The Dispute Resolution Continuum

People talk about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as if it’s one process. But it isn’t. It is a continuum of processes that vary by relative control over the outcome, length, expense and confidentiality. This article will help you understand the variety of processes available, and select the one that will efficiently settle your company’s or client’s dispute.

Crime & Unpunishment: Why journalists fear for their safety

Too many journalists are paying with their lives for keeping society informed. Each week, on average, a journalist dies while doing his or her job. Yet, over the past 10 years, only 1 in 10 cases of crimes against journalists, media workers, and social media producers has led to a conviction. Freedom of expression is a human right. In today’s digital age, we must remember that this human right applies to all media.

Marketer’s Guide to the Social Landscape

As you may know, social media is changing the face of modern marketing. CMOs or chief marketing officers are starting to invest in social media platforms in order to promote products and services. Yet not every social media Website can offer what CMOs are looking for. Here is a guide to the top social media sites and what they can do for CMOs.

Red State, Blue State

Electoral Votes by State for Republican and Democratic Parties 1796 – 2008. The wheel shows the electoral votes for each state for all the political parties in proportion to the total electoral votes in each U.S. Presidential Election. The rings represent each election year. They also proportionally reflect the overall population growth of the United States from 1796 of 4.6 million (inner most ring) to 2008 of 303.2 million (outer most ring).

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